Lemon & Kimmel Insult Kanye for Talking Prison Reform with the President


The left will not allow the right to protest. When the Tea Party protested, they called them racist tea baggers and that ended the protests. When the right picked catchy names or slogans like ‘alt-right’, the left made them into the KKK. If they have a slogan like ‘Make America Great Again’ or ‘America First’, the left trashes it. Why? The reason is simple. It’s the same reason they won’t allow famous entertainers, especially famous black entertainers or celebrities support the President.

They want to make sure the right can’t sell itself in anyway. Thus, we end up with the extreme racial insults aimed at Kanye West because of his visit to the White House.


Don Lemon has been insulting Kanye West for days with anti-Black comments and Herschel Walker wants him fired for it. During the segment Mr. Walker is referring to, Lemon and his guests mocked Kanye West’s disease, called him a “dumb token negro”, and referred to him as a “prop”.


Lemon isn’t backing down. He’s doubled down. Last night, he was at it again, feigning concern for Kanye’s illness — bipolar disease – as he trashes Kanye’s meeting with the President. Jim Brown was with Kanye at this meeting.

“I have no animosity for Kanye West,” Lemon said condescendingly and disingenuously on CNN. “I’m just going to be honest and I may get in a lot of trouble for it. I actually feel bad for him. What I saw was a minstrel show today.”

He feels badly? Is that why he’s trying to humiliate him before the world?

“Him in front of all these white people, mostly white people, embarrassing himself and embarrassing Americans, but mostly African-Americans, because every one of them is sitting either at home or with their phones, watching this, cringing.”

“Mostly white people?”

Lemon thinks the President was exploiting a man who “needs help”. Then he claimed falsely that we shouldn’t pretend this is normal.

The idiot who said the missing flight MH370 might have gone into a black hole said Kanye talked about hydrogen and we haven’t done that since the Hindenburg.

That’s not true.

Lemon exploits a dead woman

Lemon even had the gall to phone some woman who allegedly said Kanye’s late mother would be “embarrassed” and “troubled”.

Candace Owens addressed that.

Another guest claimed this was about trashing Obama and another criticized the President for not telling Kanye to stop cursing. She also condemned the President for meeting with Kanye on the day after the hurricane.

Lemon bashed the President and Kanye for not focusing on the hurricane.

He has “no credibility in the black community”, Lemon said, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West “shouldn’t be on the same plane” with liberal Arab reporter “Kamal Khashoggi” [It’s Jamal, Don].

If Kanye is so unimportant, why are Democrats like him so frantic and desperate? Why not ignore him?

Diamond and Silk were angry about what these Democrat drones are doing.


These are the same people who had no problem with the Monster Ball or the green lipstick lady who chats while sitting in a tub of milk and cereal.

The Monster Ball took place when the Obama White House opened its doors to some of Africa’s most evil dictators and homophobes and turned a blind eye to their human rights record.

Does anyone remember when Obama invited rappers to the White House and Rapper ‘Common’ praised a convicted cop killer, and singer Jill Scott, condemned mixed race marriage. They were invited to speak at White House poetry night at the Obama White House.

Here are a few clips from the show with hate-filled people:


Kimmel went on his usual rant. He called it a “crazy conversation” and mocked Kanye’s illness. Kimmel and the audience laughed at Kanye while Kimmel mocked him. This is what white Kimmel wanted from his white audience. He also mocked the President as a “monumental narcissist”.

Kid Rock was at the White House too so Kimmel said anyone who puts on a MAGA hat gets an invite.

Actually, reporters asked the Kid if Jeff Sessions should be fired, trying to embarrass him, and he told them he thought they should be fired.

The left loved it when any toad went to visit Barack Obama’s White House, but they won’t allow any entertainers to support this President.

This is nauseating. It’s almost exclusively white people laughing at Kanye.



Kanye West and Jim Brown, a serious activist who goes into prisons to help blacks, want prison reform.

  • And I do have one serious complaint about this article….I did not know who don lemon was until I watched the video….unfortunately, now I do….he is just as big of a disgusting POS as blitzer and maddow.

  • The MSM and the liberal left are part of an evil cabal. They can see their evil dreams for Dim control quickly dissolving and they are becoming unhinged. They know they are going to take a bad beat down in the upcoming election and are reacting with every bit of insanity they can muster. I stand with Kanye and am proud of how he and Trump are working together on a number of important social issues. As for Don Lemon he can put on his knee pads and go back to trolling rest areas and adult book stores for spare change!