Party of Inclusion Mouthpiece Brian Stelter Promotes Censorship of Fox


The fascist Democratic National Committee has banned Fox News reporters from participating in or hosting any Democratic presidential primary debates this election cycle. The Chair Tom Perez, a Marxist, quoted NY Magazine and used their hit piece as a basis for the ban.

Pot calling kettle black host of [un]Reliable Sources Brian Stelter condones it.

NY Mag is a far-far-left vehicle for Democrat doctrine and hate. The author falsely claimed in the article that “Fox News is a propaganda” vehicle for Trump.”

Fox is simply fairer than most. Many of their panelists and commenters hate Trump. Some of their shows are left-wing.

Perez claims Fox is a state-run network. He wants all networks to be Democrat Party outlets.

Stelter who demonizes all Republicans every night falsely claims Fox News does what he and all of CNN do non-stop.



The President had the perfect response and we hope he follows through with it. He thinks he will “do the same thing with the Fake News Networks and the Radical Left Democrats in the General Election debates!”


The ‘mainstream media’ is more than 90 percent biased against Trump according to the polls. Not only that, they hate the right and make that clear. They simply don’t want any difficult questions that could make their candidates look bad before they come up against Donald Trump.

Donald Jr. is exactly right about Fox daytime resembling an MSNBC redux. That’s true of the weekend afternoon shows as well. Except for Fox & Friends, they’re mostly unwatchable. They like to put Obama’s Marie Harf, dopey Juan, and truly offensive Mary Ann Marsh, among others, on America’s Newsroom.

Sly Perez kept that close to the vest on the Fox Sunday show. The whole thing is a shame since one of the reporters banned is Chris Wallace who is a Democrat. He’s the one who said recently that commie Cortez’s Green New Deal is “a heck of a good idea.”

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