Pastor Brunson Prays for the President But a CNN Op-Ed Demonizes Him


The MSM played down President Trump’s successful bid to get Pastor Brunson back to the USA. By tomorrow they will be mocking the event. In fact, CNN got a head start on it with an op-ed accusing the President of doing it for its theatrical value.

The NY Times made certain to give no real credit to President Trump and didn’t even post the information on Twitter.

They claimed this was done because Pastor Brunson and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo belong to the same denomination of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in the United States.

Like the Times, The Washington Post ignored it on Twitter but did tweet mockingly about Kanye West’s visit to the White House. Online, their article certainly didn’t gush about this success and he certainly didn’t get credit.

CNN is ahead of the mob condemnation to follow. In a CNN op-ed, leftist professor, Julian Zelizer writes:

Politically, his ability to free hostages fits into an essential aspect of his presidency: his theatrical style of politics. Trump has a keen eye toward how his efforts look to the public through the lens of television as well as on the video clips that stream through the internet. He invests great effort in doing things that will generate immense media attention and play into a storyline that he hopes to tell about his first term in office.


It will be interesting to see how this touching scene will be twisted tomorrow by the MSM. Perhaps they will simply ignore it.

Freed US pastor Andrew Brunson met with President Trump in the White House today and told him, “you really fought for us.” He asked God to give Trump “supernatural wisdom”.

Pastor Brunson was on house arrest following his release from prison and was unable to return to the United States.

He had been living in Turkey and was working for the small Izmir Resurrection Church when he was arrested over his ties to various political groups following the failed 2016 coup attempt.

President Trump imposed sanctions on two Turkish officials in retaliation and frequently demanded his release. The court released him yesterday.

The President has made it a mission to free Americans imprisoned in foreign jails on false charges.

On Saturday Pastor Brunson joined President Trump in the White House. During introductions President Trump told his audience, “We don’t pay ransom in this country. At least not anymore.” That was a reference to the fortune in cash and gold the Obama administration forked over to the Iran terrorists.

The grateful pastor asked the President if he could pray for him and Trump said he “probably needs it more than anyone in this room.”

Pastor Brunson then knelt down and offered a beautiful prayer.


When the pastor landed in Germany for refueling he was greeted by U.S. Ambassador Ric Grennell who gave him an American flag. The pastor kissed it.

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