Pastors tour same facility as AOC & are “shocked by the misinformation”


Democrats and their media parrots have made shocking allegations against our border agents and the facilities they run. The accusers are the same people who refuse to tour the facilities. Some pastors were shocked during their tour this week by the misinformation they were getting. They found that facilities were clean and well-run, Fox News reported.

They toured the same facility AOC visited and refused to tour.

One nonsensical accusation that keeps floating around is babies wear the same diaper for three weeks. Anyone who has had a child knows that is not even possible.

Just yesterday, communist Rep. Ocasio-Cortez claimed people are drinking out of toilet bowls and don’t have basic necessities. She wouldn’t tour the facility and screamed mindlessly for no reason according to reports.


A retinue of Hispanic pastors toured the same facility AOC toured and were shocked over what they saw and the misinformation being spread around. The place was clean and everyone had basic necessities.

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, the world’s largest Hispanic Christian organization, and senior pastor of New Seasons Christian Worship Center in Sacramento, is one who toured and shared his first-hand experiences.

“We found no soiled diapers, no deplorable conditions and no lack of basic necessities,” Pastor Rodriguez remarked, adding he specifically asked border agents if they staged the facility in response to the negative press. “They unequivocally denied it — we were witnessing the identical conditions the attorneys saw when they toured the facility days earlier.”

In fact, some told him the sources from whom the negative coverage originated “never toured the areas of the facility that we toured” and speculated they might have had political motivations.

The pastors left encouraged by the commitment and dedication of America’s Border Patrol and immigration officers, “many of which are Latinos, by the way.” He said one emotional Border Patrol agent turned to him and said, referring to the vilification: “Pastor Sam, what they’re saying about us is completely false. We care about these kids and have a passion for our calling.”

The people we all should be angry with are in the swamp in D.C.

The Border Patrol Council Is None Too Happy

Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), said AOC is lying.

In a recent interview with Breitbart News Tonight, Brandon Judd called Ocasio-Cortez’s claim “a baseless and ridiculous allegation.”

“Officers were keeping women in cells w/ no water & had told them to drink out of the toilets,” she tweeted.

Judd rebuked these claims. He said the security camera footage from inside the facility would show that she was lying.

“I’m calling on CBP to release that footage so they clearly show that she was treated with the utmost dignity and respect,” he said.

“Nobody is forced to drink out of a toilet and nobody is told to drink out of a toilet,” Judd added.

“Its completely and totally a baseless and ridiculous allegation and frankly it needs to be investigated and she needs to be exposed.”

It is vitally important that the truth be told and these videos be released because communists like AOC must be found out.

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