Path to Amnesty on Hold as Business & Labor Lock Horns

The Unholy Gang of Eight
The Gang of Eight

President Obama staged his speech on immigration today. He had 28 immigrants (illegal?) around him during a ceremony in which 13 service members took their oath of citizenship in the East Room.

“The event underscores the contributions made to the United States by immigrants from all walks of life including the foreign-born members of the U.S. armed forces, as well as our shared history as a nation of immigrants,” a White House official said. “While the president remains pleased that Congress continues to make progress towards common-sense immigration reform, he believes Congress needs to act quickly and he expects a bill to be introduced as soon as possible.”

Obama likes to define illegal immigration and legal immigration as one and the same. He said that the immigration system needs to be fixed but his idea of fixing it, as he recently let slip, is to allow a quicker path to citizenship for illegals than the proposal being put together by the gang of eight.

The gang of eight was near a deal this week until labor and business – the US Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO – butted heads. The Chamber wants cheap labor and labor wants unionized workers.

Republican senators said if a deal isn’t reached, it will be the fault of labor.

The deal the senators are trying to reach includes a VISA work program that allows people who are here illegally to stay and work at low-skilled jobs.

Labor accused Republicans and business groups of supporting “congressionally sanctioned poverty.

Sen. McCain said, ““People have a lot at stake here. This is a huge deal. Talking about the lives of 11 million people just to start with, so I understand why passions are high, and sentiments are high.”

In New York, the illegals are working skilled jobs, not simply low-skilled jobs. It’s hard to believe that with a high unemployment rate, we need them to cover the available jobs but that’s what our government and the Chamber are telling us.

Republicans are running scared and no one, absolutely no one, is going to close the gates.

Congress is actually offering an incentive for people to come here illegally.

President Obama nominated an in-your-face radical and open borders racialist candidate – Thomas Perez – for Secretary of Labor. Any immigration plan Obama supports has to be looked at with skepticism. Read about Mr. Perez here.

Meanwhile, I have to agree with pundit Ann Coulter that if the people here illegally are given amnesty, Republicans will never again win an election. The plan being put forth does not give amnesty but knowing Barack Obama, he will give them a quick path to citizenship and the vote that comes with it.

Polls show that the majority of Americans believe illegals should be deported and polls also show the majority of Americans believe illegals should have a path to citizenship if certain conditions are met. The polls vary depending on who is asking the questions and how they are being asked. A path to citizenship is far more popular among Democrats. Republican Jeb Bush called for them to be allowed to stay without citizenship.

Immigrants strengthen the United States but where this gets murky is how they are coming here and the fact that one million a year are being invited to come here illegally and collect medical care, food stamps, and welfare benefits. The majority of families headed up by illegals collect welfare according to 2011 census data. It shouldn’t come as a surprise since we are advertising our food stamp program in Mexico.



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