Pathetic! Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker Swears He Breaks the Rules, Honest


Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker looked ridiculous yesterday for a lot of reasons, but his insane reason for his crazy performance yesterday beats all.

Cory compared a stunt to gain publicity with a gladiator slave who rebelled and was crucified for it. But there’s more.

First, check this clip out to the end. Booker is really Spartacus.

‘Watch the videos where he swears that he truly is a rule breaker. In fact, he can’t break enough rules. This is what he does, man.

If you watch this clip, he dodges on whether he lied yesterday morning and keeps falling back on the night before when he promises he broke the rules. Over and over, he swears he broke the rules.


In this next video, he never directly answers the question, just keeps going back to the evening before. He promises he is releasing document after document [nothing burger after nothing burger].

He swears that he is repeatedly violating the rules but he’s angry John Cornyn threatened to expel him for violating the rules.

He’s pathetic.

Antonio Branco Cartoon via Net Right Daily, Legal InsurrectionLiberty Alliance and

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