Pathetic Gun Laws That Spare Criminals, Invite Contempt


While gun rights enthusiasts are enjoying the beginning of a federal respite from gun laws, let’s not forget the state movements that have a pernicious and invasive effect on the nation. The gun grabbers will put more pressure on states to pass onerous regulations. California already approved suffocating laws beginning January 1st.

None of the new regulations will affect criminals in any way.

In California, it is now a crime for law-abiding gun owners to loan a firearm to anyone outside of the “immediate family”.

New California laws will broaden the definition of prohibited assault weapons, cracking down on a quick-reloading device referred to as the “bullet button.”

There is a new definition of “assault weapons” to include “bullet buttons”.

In addition, it is a crime to falsely report a firearm has been lost or stolen.

Handguns must now be stored in a locked container or locked trunk when left in an unattended vehicle.

The Sacremento bee observed that the new laws “invite contempt, not compliance.

The state lacks effective means of enforcing the new laws, which now ban the possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

There’s a lot of confusion since the legislature passed gun control for law-abiding citizens, and the state passed similar gun control via ballot initiatives.

The new laws mean “a host of restrictions for California’s more than 6 million gun owners.”

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom insists his measure will reduce gun violence. Of course they won’t. It certainly isn’t helping in Chicago.

In 2018, countless other gun control laws will be enacted, including rules on importation of ammunition, a background check requirement for in-state ammunition purchases, and a truly onerous law requiring serial numbers be placed on all homemade guns. There are others.

Crime is up but it has nothing to do with law-abiding gun owners.

The crime resurgence tracks perfectly with realignment, which shifted tens of thousands of inmates from state prisons to county jails, writes Ben Boychuk at sac bee.

In 2014 of Proposition 47, made certain “nonviolent” felonies into misdemeanors. Perhaps they should look at that law if they want to stop crime. The fact that they are protecting their illegal alien criminals is another area they might look to re-evaluate.

Most of these will not survive a Trump Supreme Court.

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