She’s Pathetic! Hillary Tried to Capitalize on a Hurricane Disaster



Hillary Clinton wanted to take advantage of Hurricane Matthew and the large audience on The Weather Channel by buying ads but a furor arose and stopped her in her tracks.

She’s deplorable.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign said Thursday that they would be rolling back an ad buy on The Weather Channel in swing states as Hurricane Matthew prepares to bear down on Florida.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook told reporters on a conference call that the ads would be scaled back. He had the audacity to criticize Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus for “politicizing” the hurricane earlier in the day when it was Clinton’s campaign that politicized the disaster.

Priebus had ripped the Clinton campaign as “shameful” for the ad buy, which was reported by The New York Post to be for $63,000 in ads on The Weather Channel in Florida.

“Couldn’t let this crisis go to waste?” Priebus tweeted, adding the Clinton’s campaign “even considered exploiting Hurricane Matthew for political gain.”

He then asked for Clinton to “apologize for using storm for votes.”

Clinton is the one who politicized the disaster, not Reince Priebus.

About 264 people have died in Haiti so far as Hurricane Matthew barrels down on Florida. More than 2 million people have already been urged to flee their homes in the southeast because of the hurricane. The storm is expected to make landfall on the Florida coast Friday.

Trump on the other hand said this:

Jeb Bush tweeted a request of the candidates to not politicize the storm.

“I encourage both presidential campaigns to be sensitive to all affected by Hurricane #Matthew in the coming days,” Bush tweeted Wednesday, linking to a Politico article that reported Clinton will spend $63,000 on a five-day ad buy that would begin Thursday on The Weather Channel.

Kristy Campbell, Bush’s former spokeswoman, called Clinton’s ad buy “a colossally huge and unforced error.”

“This is a colossally huge and unforced error by the Clinton camp. Insensitive and will piss off Floridians,” she tweeted.

She’s an opportunist and hoped to use the Hurricane to tout her views.

Why doesn’t she take money out of the Clinton Crime Syndicate, I mean the Clinton Foundation, and help the Haitians who are suffering tonight or help any Floridians who might lose their homes?

Clinton tweeted: “Hurricane Matthew is a major storm. … Stay safe Florida.”

Get lost Hillary, you’re a phony.



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