Pathetic! McConnell responds in weasel words to Don Jr subpoena


Mitch McConnell said it’s over and the “case closed,” but the next day Richard Burr subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. Burr is a Republican — a pathetic one.

Sean Hannity asked cocaine Mitch on his show last night about it. Mitch used his evasive weasel words. He cannot be trusted nor can Richard Burr.

McConnell said the good news is it won’t be about collusion and he “thinks this will have a happy ending.”

Oh, he does does he? He THINKS? Not good enough!

He didn’t criticize Burr and he must have okayed this subpoena. What is he thinking? He tells us out of one side of him mouth that “it’s over,” and then out of the other, he okays aiding and abetting the vicious Dems, opening old wounds and harassing a nice person who held a 20-minute nothing burger meeting.

McConnell isn’t fooling anyone. We know and he knows and Burr also knows why the Democrats and Burr want to interview Donald Jr. THEY WANT TO CATCH HIM IN A PERJURY TRAP!

McConnell won’t call it off and he’s PATHETIC.

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