Pathetic! Nike’s New Ad Campaign Glorifies Colin Kaepernick


Nike must have forgotten that Republicans buy sneakers. They just made Colin Kaepernick the star of their 30th anniversary campaign. The company is making him the Nike martyr who is “sacrificing everything” because he “believes in something”.

James Woods summed it up well – it’s “brand suicide”.

It probably isn’t. Nike caters to the left.

People who “sacrifice everything” and “believe in something” are soldiers putting their lives on the line in defense of our freedoms. It is not getting paid millions for their ad campaign.

This is the man who wore cops as pigs socks and sported a shirt honoring a murderous Cuban dictator. He disrespected the flag, the military and police and he did it because he is pushing Marxist culture in sports.

Nike is disgusting.

Corporations should stay out of politics. They are alienating half the nation by pushing this punk, but they don’t care.

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