Pathetic! NY Times Teller of Fake Kavanaugh Tale Blames Fox News


Robin Pogrebin is unethical, deceitful, and a coward. Not only does she refuse to own up to all she did wrong with the hit piece she wrote about Justice Kavanaugh, she now has the unmitigated gall to blame Fox News for the egregious errors made by the New York Times, her co-author Kate Kelly, and herself.

They have no pains of conscience over trying to destroy an innocent man.


The two authors wrote a book investigating Justice Kavanaugh accusing him of another sexual assault similar to the one Deborah Ramirez accused him of, but they didn’t have a victim.

They did include an interview with Leland Keyser, a chum of Christine Blasey Ford’s, in which Keyser said she didn’t believe Blasey and was threatened to claim she did. Only that section was at the end of the book.

They posted an article in the opinion section of the NY Times hawking their book, claiming the Justice sexual assaulted a woman but left out the part in which the victim says she didn’t remember the incident. Pogrebin blamed the NY Times editor for leaving the line out.


She also tweeted inappropriately about the article and had both left and right irate. There was a lot of backlash on Twitter and in the MSM.

Pogrebin was asked about the tweet Monday during an early appearance on CNN and she refused to own it, claiming that would be a “distraction.”

“We decided to not really try to excavate blame for this tweet but to realize in a vacuum it was ill worded and poor judgment and shouldn’t have gone out so we took it down and apologized,” she said.

“All I can say is the tweet was written and the tweet was sent out and it shouldn’t have been sent out,” Pogrebin added. “I just feel like it’s a distraction to try to go back over that.”

Pogrebin admitted in a later appearance on “The View” that she was the author of the tweet.


Now we have her blaming Fox News. The woman is a coward. Vox, a hard-left publication, published an article claiming the allegations were accurate, just not as accurate as first stated.

They are disgraceful. It wasn’t accurate at all if there isn’t a victim and the witness is a Clinton lawyer and donor. The witness, Max Stier, wouldn’t even submit to an interview. he sent the message through two friends.

Vox claims Fox lied and ignored the facts of the story. The NY Times didn’t correct anything, they just added the missing line. Also according to Vox and Pogrebin, the story isn’t debunked just because there isn’t a victim.

They’re gaslighting us. It’s the worst case of gaslighting by far-left Democrats to date.

As an aside, they lied in an Atlantic article also, check it out. The piece was gutted but Vox and Pogrebin want you to believe otherwise.

In this clip, you can hear her blame the NY Times editor.

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