Pathetic Teaching! Sixth Grader Tapes Anti-America Rant by Teacher


A sixth-grade student in Georgia had the presence of mind to tape her teacher in a Civics class as she railed against America, Americans of European descent, and, of course, President Trump.

Student Josie Orihuela listened for several minutes when she realized her mother had to hear what the teacher was saying. That prompted her to turn on her cell phone and tape the rant.

“It just kept “getting worse,” said Josie. She said the teacher looked right at her and said, “You killed millions.”

When asked by the Fox News host how the other kids were reacting, she said most of the other students were “like, huh” and some “were looking out the window”.

“I’m just kind of disappointed in the fact that teachers have such a big impact on kids. As a child, I know you have to believe what adults say… I know she was using that to, you know, have more people on her side.”

This is the same school that tried to force students to write anti-gun letters to the President last week.



  1. Reading, writing, arithmetic ,science, truthful history is whats supposed to be taught, the teachers today need to keep their BS opinions and propaganda to themselves

    • school districts have been taken over by the liberal Democrats. It the school administrators that hire liberal teachers to follow the party line.PBIS, , Emerging leaders program etc. All working on a Nazi youth style program for liberal democrats. Call your school boards and insist the drain the swamp locally

  2. Big teachers’ unions are terrified the Supreme Court will find against them in the Janus case. Given that too many of their members have become more propagandists than instructors, our nation would be far better off if the judges rule for Janus.

  3. This POS “teacher should be fired and then sued personally by all of the students in her class and then she needs to be humiliated repeatedly by someone who can force her into a mental hospital, Sue the School Board and the administration and fire their asses as well

  4. This girl is awesome. She said she knows kids are supposed to believe what adults say, but she was smart enough to know the teacher used this to try to brainwash her students. The kicker is that this girl’s family is from Cuba, not Europe!!

    And then the teacher tells how Europeans killed millions, including babies. Doesn’t the teacher know about the high percentage of black women who have abortions – and kill their own babies?

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