Pathetic! Unmitigated Gall of Illegal Immigration & Photo Ops


The title of a Reuters article reads Reuters photo captures Guatemalan mother begging soldier to let her enter the U.SAlong with that comes this photo. Pitiful, right? The whole story is pitiful.

From the story:

The plight of this mother and son who had traveled some 1,500 miles (2,410 km) from their home country of Guatemala to the border city of Ciudad Juarez, only to be stopped mere feet from the United States, was captured by Reuters photographer Jose Luis Gonzalez as twilight approached on Monday.

“The woman begged and pleaded with the National Guard to let them cross … she wanted to cross to give a better future” to her young son Anthony Diaz, Gonzalez said. The soldier, dressed in desert fatigues, an assault rifle slung over his shoulder, said he was only following orders, according to Gonzalez.

Are you teary-eyed yet.

The soldier was trying to talk her out of crossing illegally. This entire scene was a staged photo-op since minutes later, she calmly and brazenly crossed into the United States and no one stopped her.

The soldiers at the border can do nothing.

Reuters wants us to let everyone come in illegally. Who knows if that’s even her son or who she is.

  • 1. We could easily end illegal border crossings by shooting everyone heading North. Just like all the antifa riots, black criminals ruling your neighborhood, MS13 gangs extorting and torturing civilians, forget jail time and just hunt them down and kill them on the spot. Sounds gruesome right, yet logical. They are invaders. They are enemies of our country as are all the socialists and their backers.

    2. We can let Trump put up the wall that the Democrats voted so desperately for back in 2013 when they controlled the shots. The Dems condemn the wall now because the $13.6 Billion they wanted is now only $5 Billion so there is no super fund they can all pilfer from while the wall is being built. Trump only needs money that will actually be spent on the wall. Building the wall is the humane choice even though it is a big expense.

    3. Obama did his best to empower and enable the Jihadi Sharia Muslims during his terms by giving away large sums of money and putting as many Muslim asylum seekers in this nation as he could. Obama did his best to give our country away to the MUSLIMS. Got It! That is treason! The Dems also know that if they can get 5-10 million illegal aliens across the river and give them the right to vote, they may stand a chance of occupying the White house once again. No worry about the cost, they will raise taxes if they regain control.

    4. So who is the real enemy? Illegal aliens, Antifa Fascists, MS13 gangs, Black drug lords, Jihadi Muslims, George Soros or is it really the Democratic Party? Think about this for a while and make your vote count for the love of this republic in 2020. There are many enemies of this republic already At The Gate. The one that worries me the most is the enemy Within that Opened The Gate and did not close it behind them. jwstx

  • Anyone should be able to recognize this as propaganda.

    Notice that most of the republican party is unwilling to use the porous border as an issue, weakening their position in 2020. They are clearly against strict border control if they will not speak up.