Paul Ryan – Disappointing Conservative


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The United States of America is successfully being transformed – dramatically transformed – and unless a very courageous, freedom-loving candidate wins the election, the great experiment is over.  The GOP is not offering dissent and opposition equal to the threat and we now have conservatism being redefined and bastardized in the same way.

Paul Ryan calls himself a “conservative”. He not only crashed and burned all of the conservatives’ most important issues in the omnibus, he is trying to walk it back to his predecessor John Boehner.

“This is divided government, and in divided government you don’t get everything you want,” Ryan, the Wisconsin Republican, said in a taped interview for NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Ryan put responsibility for the agreement on his predecessor, former Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. Ryan said the bill was largely negotiated when he became speaker seven weeks ago.

“I walked into the speakership seven weeks ago with this process already in place, with this cake already baked,” he told host Chuck Todd.

He should have baked a new cake or put some better ingredients in this one.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees will pour in under this spending bill and the vetting system has not been improved. There are no controls for refugees coming from terrorist countries even though ISIS has stolen hundreds of thousands of passports.

Jobs for middle class Americans also weigh in the balance.

The Republicans had capped spending but even that was erased in this bill. The budget will expend $112 billion more than last year.

GOP representatives and senators failed to use the power of the purse to rein in a single one of Obama’s economy crippling regulations.

Obama’s HUD rule, the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, radically transforms every neighborhood in the country, but worse than that, it makes ‘disparate impact’ the prime and only rule by which funds will be dispersed to communities.

Obamacare was propped up and the worst effects are delayed another year.

Ryan thinks this omnibus supports his goals and keeps his principles intact.

“The question is, are you focusing on your goals?,” he said, “Are you keeping your principles intact? Are you advancing ideas that make a difference in people’s lives?”

If it’s true that he is advancing ideas that make a difference in peoples’ lives, he is admitting he supports over-spending, Obamacare, endless migration, funding the highly destructive EPA rules aimed at destroying fossil fuels and private property rights, funding Planned Parenthood when Obamacare was supposed to do what they do, and he supports Obama’s transformation of every neighborhood in America.

Ryan said “I come from the warrior class of conservatives.” What conservative would be part of a bill that does not support conservative principles?

Republicans know what Obama is doing. He is overturning our system of government and they haven’t offered one single roadblock.

They are reacting as if it were a normal presidency and their reactions are serious underreactions.

Ryan knows what Obama is doing. He said Obama has “brought this country in a direction it was never supposed to go.” Yet, he didn’t react or fight. The budget deal took a few days of working with Nancy Pelosi.

He is a serious disappointment.

He’s going to look for common ground and is looking towards 2016 despite the fact that Obama has transformed the country.



  1. Of course, you are being diplomatic, he is not conservative and is much more than disappointing. He is a fundamentally dishonest and corrupt person. The citizens and Constitution are inconveniences to him. Also, what colossal gall he has to allow such a bill to be passed during a period of anti-establishment furor. He thinks he can do this and the establishment will still win in November. I think they have overplayed their hand.

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