Paul Ryan Says DACA Amnesty Will “Definitely” Be In the Spending Bill


The Chamber of Commerce wants amnesty and the President seems flexible on the issue of DACA amnesty which has led Speaker and RINO Paul Ryan to move ahead with a plan for amnesty. E-Verify will definitely not be in the bill but amnesty definitely will. Huh?

Speaker Ryan doesn’t seem to understand that the President won the election standing against amnesty.

Speaking to a group of House conservatives on Tuesday, Ryan said he plans to bundle DACA amnesty into the year end spending bill. Ryan and McConnell have also dropped E-Verify from their amnesty plan. They are remarkably unserious about securing our borders.

That allows them to say they need the money for the military et al and they have no choice.

Ryan was asked if he foresaw a December omnibus spending bill that included Obamacare subsidies or DACA amnesty. He replied that while the subsidies won’t likely be there, amnesty was a sure thing.

Republican Steering Committee member Rep Mark Walker of North Carolina told the Huffington post on Tuesday that Ryan “…did talk about the fact that that would be good if we could get ahead of that as opposed to being reactionary.”

This committee is the globalist committee.

Walker added there will be “additional border security measures,” which is supposed to placate opponents though they will likely never happen. Where’s the border wall?

Then he used his weasel words to say, “Now that could be defined different ways. I didn’t get any impression that Speaker Ryan has moved off of that position.”

Rep Rob Woodall (R-GA) gave the Speaker some leeway, saying, “I would have said we were having a discussion about where the year was going, what’s left that’s out there to get done. That’s on the list of things to get done, and we just wouldn’t have the votes to do it by itself, so it would have to get combined.”

Two other Republicans said it is clearly the Speaker’s goal.

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) said the Speaker had better not do it and Rep Raul Labrador (R-ID) echoed the same sentiments. It would be a “big problem” if Ryan tried it, he said, adding, “That’s true leadership, I guess.”

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