Paul Ryan Told a CNN Audience He Can’t Wait Until the US Negotiates with the Taliban Terrorists


“Good” Taliban, he looks nice, very friendly

Why did Paul Ryan co-host a CNN – a fake news station – town hall as the President gave an address about the Afghanistan war? I will leave that up to you to decide.

Apparently winning in Afghanistan means getting to a point at which the U.S. negotiates with the Taliban, at least according to Ryan. Would that be just like what Obama did when he traded five terrorists for one deserter, Bowe Bergdahl?

The new “Trump Doctrine” is to get to a point at which there is stability in Afghanistan so we don’t have to worry about another 9/11.

Lindsey Graham said if we don’t increase troops, we will be responsible for another 9/11.

The craziest thing Ryan said was that the U.S. is going to negotiate with the Taliban after we whoop them.

Ryan actually said he is “looking forward” to “the moment” when the U.S. will be negotiating with the terrorist group.

Ryan added that the “Taliban and the Afghan government will reconcile.”

Reconcile with the terrorist maniacs?

We’ve been in Afghanistan for 17 years and there hasn’t been any sign of reconciliation. This is like listening to Barack Obama and Joe Biden talk about the “good” and “bad” Taliban. That must be similar to the good and bad communists. Antifa are good communists and Putin is a bad communist, in case you were wondering.

They aren’t going to ignore Pakistan either, whatever that means.

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6 years ago

Trump should be pleased, he has All the NeverTrumpers on board, including Kristol.

There are reportedly 4000 troops that could be deployed but we do not know if that number is accurate. It could be much less or greater. Even though Four battalions seems a lot but seldom do the majority engage in actual battles.

Many of these “Republicans” use the model of the “surge” in Iraq as the positive example of effectiveness, but that story is clouded. Before that surge was announced it was reported in an Israeli publication that Iran wanted a positive Intelligence Report on their nuclear program. In return they would remove their campaign in Iraq, because the US was fighting Iranian supporters and nationals at the time. Lo and behold, within a week a story came out stating the Intelligence community had determined Iran has ceased any nuclear program, to the consternation of some. It is unlikely that some twenty thousand troops could have accomplished such a dramatic turn of events in a theater the size of Iraq. It is more likely the Israeli report was true, especially considering the widespread infiltration into many Arab/Muslim countries by the Mossad. Their expertise goes back well before the State was declared.

More to come…