Paul Says President Has “Wherewithal” to “Do Things That Ordinary Politicians Don’t Do”


While President Trump is being pilloried in the press, he’s winning over some surprising allies like left-leaning Republican Lindsey Graham and he is receiving accolades from Libertarian Rand Paul.

John Dickerson began his interview with Paul by asking about the Wolff gossip book and his claim that everyone in the White House thinks the President is unstable and unfit.

He asked Paul why the President talked about his mental stability in response instead of forgetting the book and saying, “we have passed tax cuts, we’re defeating ISIS, we have nominated bunch of judges? Why do you think he did that?”

Paul would have no way of knowing but said, “You know, I don’t know. I guess my first response was, this was sort of gossipy book, OK like a Kitty Kelley book back from when I was in high school. I remember her books would come out. And nobody really believed them. They were treated as sort of like a sitcom or treated as a television show. They weren`t really treated seriously by the media.”

He continued, “I do think, from my experience, when I look at the president — and I have been around the president quite a bit, I have been in the White House quite a bit with him. I can give you one example that I think really shows his great insight and ability to cut through to the chase and do things that ordinary politicians don’t do. And that is when I took him the idea of letting individuals join together to buy insurance across state lines.”

“Every politician, Republican. and bureaucrat in Washington said we couldn’t do it,” Paul said. “And they hadn’t done it in 30 years. He looked at the original law. He told his lawyers, look at the original law and see if the interpretation of these previous government attorneys have been correct. And he had the wherewithal just to say, no, we’re going to let individuals join these groups, so they can get cheaper insurance and perhaps better insurance as well, and perhaps get insurance for people who don’t have insurance.”

“But he did that because he’s different than any other politician. And now we have all these wiseacres out there wanting to criticize and be presumptuous about trying to judge someone’s intelligence. I can tell you he has got the wherewithal to do things that no politicians has been able to do, and in a good way.”

That’s high praise from a politician with some very divergent views from the President’s.

Paul also spoke about the assault by his neighbor. He said he is doing a “little better each day. It was sort of, I guess, a living hell for the first four or five weeks.” He “couldn’t get out of bed without assistance, six broken ribs, damaged my lungs, two bouts of pneumonia. It was really a tough go of it. But each day, I feel a little bit better. This last month, I have been doing better.”

As far as motivation, he doesn’t concern himself with it. He just wants to see the appropriate punishment.

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