Why oh why aren’t Obama and his Socialist and Liberal friends not concerned about the 14 trillion dollar debt the Country owes?

I wondered and wondered about this for some time. Then it struck me; they are not concerned because they have no intention of paying it.

Why do I believe this, because it has happened before and it happening now! The bailout of the major car companies was partially accomplished by paying off bondholders, cents on the dollar for their investments. The Greeks are now getting concessions on their debt by reducing the amount they will have to pay back to their debtors.

The only real problem is the Chinese; Obama might have to give them something, maybe California!

Does anyone see a trend here? If one thought that Socialists have any ethical tendencies, let me remind them that anyone who believes “the end justifies the means” cannot be trusted.

All I can advise is that you cash in your Government Bonds before it’s too late!



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