PC Police Are After Your Panties


Panty Raid

The Atlantic actually published an entire article on the “issue” of banning the words “panty” and “panties.”

There are people who hope to abolish the use of the words because they offend some overly-sensitive femi-bullies. Those words are too juvenile for them.

To quote the author, who would probably be happy burning books, those words have got to go:

Every month or so, I receive a glossy coupon from Victoria’s Secret in my mailbox. “Free panty!” it beckons. “No purchase necessary!”

Reading those words, I cringe a little bit. Not because I hate underwear—I’m an ardent lover of underwear. It’s because I hate the word “panty.” I hate the plural form of “panty” as well. “Panties” creeps me out.

And apparently I’m not alone. In addition to a slew of blog posts and message boards denouncing the word, The Huffington Post’s Zoë Triska named it “the worst word ever.” Cracked.com included “panties” in its list of the “Five Words That Need To Be Banned From English.”

The author, a Ms. Fentem, wants equality with men and thinks calling them thongs, boy-shorts, G-strings is preferable. She said it is time to get our bottom-undies in a twist.

Hello! We have a $16 trillion dollar debt and the world is burning!  Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

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