‘Peaceful’ Brotherhood Protesters Were Slaughtering Opponents


al Qaeda flag on church

Al Qaeda flag flies from the door of a Coptic church in Egypt

In the past twelve months, the Egyptian Brotherhood has been beheading Christians in broad daylight, burning down dozens of churches, and arming terrorists taking up residence in the Sinai Peninsula on the border with Israel. Al Qaeda now has a stronghold in the Sinai.

The Brotherhood terrorized ordinary Egyptians while President Morsi threw out the Constitution, the Parliament, and was about to throw out the judges and oust military leaders.

While all this was going on, Mr. Obama supported the Brotherhood with the help of foolish congressmen like John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Mr. Obama decried the ouster of Mohammed Morsi because he was the democratically-elected president, but Morsi was not elected to be a Fascist.

The Egyptian Army, after multiple warnings, cleared out the Brotherhood’s camps with tear gas, bulldozers, and gunfire. The ‘peaceful’ demonstration camps were bases from which the Brotherhood launched campaigns to torture and kill opponents, especially Christians and minority Muslims.

The Army uncovered huge stashes of weapons in the ‘peaceful’ protest camps.

The ‘campers’ are stepping up the violence that has been there all along.

Morsi supporters burned down government buildings in Giza over the last two days. Terrorists are rampaging through the Sinai attacking Christians and other minorities. Black Al Qaeda flags wave over churches.

USA Today reported that churches, houses, monasteries, orphanages, schools and businesses belonging to Copts were attacked in nine provinces “causing panic, losses and destruction for no reason and no crimes they committed except being Christians,” the Maspero Youth Union, a Coptic activist group, said Thursday.

Christians are hiding in their homes and they are not safe there.

The death toll from Wednesday’s crackdown of two sit-ins hit 638, at least 43 were police, three or four thousand more are injured.

Thanks to US support, the Brotherhood terrorists in the Sinai are well-armed. They are in possession of US arms, many from Libya and Turkey.

The Sinai Peninsula on the Egypt-Israeli border is now a stronghold for Al Qaeda. The forces are led by Osama bin Laden’s former doctor. Their goal of course is to destroy Israel.

The Brotherhood has pledged to return to the streets on Friday. The Muslim Brotherhood wants to take Egypt back and they will fight to the death.

Mr. Obama, a supporter of Mohammed Morsi, condemned the violence Thursday from his vacation resort on Martha’s Vineyard. He announced the cancellation of joint exercises next month. He added that we cannot determine Egypt’s internal affairs.

The UN Security Council plans to meet Thursday evening to discuss the growing violence.

The Egyptian people support the military despite the condemnation by the US. Bill Gertz of the Washington Free Beacon said that Obama’s continued support of the Brotherhood is pushing Egypt’s military towards Russia.

Egyptians are reportedly infuriated about McCain’s visit last week. McCain called for the release of Morsi and visited the financier of the Brotherhood while in Egypt.

‘He [McCain] is not a man elected by the American people to speak on their behalf,’ Egyptian analyst Ahmed Mussa, a leading media commentator,
said. ‘Today, he speaks on behalf of an armed terrorist organization — the Muslim Brotherhood.’

“He[McCain] should be arrested and tried for trying to destroy Egypt,” Ahmed Zind, chairman of the Egyptian Association of Judges, said.

Egyptians believe Obama is cozy with the Brotherhood and that appears to have been the case though his statement Thursday lends a modicum of support to the Army.

The Washington Post’s editorial board harshly criticized Mr. Obama for not intervening on behalf of the Brotherhood. They demanded the release of Mr. Morsi. They think Morsi deserves to be in office because he won the election with banana republic-style run-off elections.

The Post wants Mr. Obama to obey the law and suspend aid. It’s ironic in that the Post has largely ignored or supported Mr. Obama’s law-breaking until now.

Obama could have called the ouster a coup, which it surely is, and asked Congress for an okay to fund the military, but he chose to break the law and violate the Constitution. Why not? He has been doing it for five years and the press gave him a pass!

On Thursday, the Washington Post described him as a president in ‘full flight.’ Clearly he is not, he’s golfing at the Vineyard.

The Post noticed Obama’s futile and doggedly useless pursuit of Vladimir Putin in an effort to reduce nuclear arms while Putin provides ‘toxic’ aid to Syria’s government. They further noticed that he blessed John Kerry’s resuscitation of ‘moribund’ peace talks while Egypt heads for Civil War.

I’d feel sorry for Mr. Obama but he put himself in this position.

There are calls from the NY Times editorial board and from some Republicans and Democrats to cease military aid to Egypt, which Mr. Obama will probably not do.

It would be a mistake to cut aid at this point. The money is insignificant, but the symbolism is key. A Muslim Brotherhood in control of Egypt will be a disaster.

To stop aid would be a terrible message to the Army. The Army’s takeover is a second chance for Egypt and the Egyptian people have the right to defend themselves.

Dr. Michael Youssef, author of When the Crosses Are Gone, has a website with a powerful article people might want to read. He states that you would have to be’ living on Mars’ to believe our mid-East policy is anything but a disaster of ‘global proportions.’Mr. Youssef believes that the worst act by our president was his inaction – he voted ‘present’ – again and again.

At this point, Mr. Obama’s inaction is a good thing.

If we lose Egypt, we lose the Middle East. The Army is our best bet.


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