CUNY Prof, ‘Peaceful Protesters’ Assault Cops Trying to Stop Them From Assaulting Cops


Last night, the protests in NYC unsurprisingly turned violent. The news is portraying the assault on two officers as an aberration by a “breakaway group” of “mostly” peaceful protesters. If this were the tea party, it would be fodder for months, but it’s the far left so it will probably be forgotten by tomorrow and many won’t report it at all.

Two police lieutenants were assaulted Saturday while trying to stop a man from throwing a garbage can onto officers below. As the sun set, protesters assaulted cops, bashed in a patrol car window and called for the deaths of NYPD officers.

The Daily News says the crowd grew to about 30,000. It’s not surprising since there are about 35,000 communist party members in New York City.

The breakaway group of “protesters” verbally and physically attacked cops on the Brooklyn Bridge at about 7:15 p.m., after some demonstrators hurled orange cones and other construction material onto the roadway.

The two lieutenants were assaulted trying to stop one lunatic, Eric Linsker, 29,  from throwing a can on the heads of other officers below and one has a broken nose as a result. It is believed that Linsker had a bag of hammers and a black mask with him (photo below).

bag of hammers

When the officers tried to arrest him, he became very physically violent. He punched and kicked the lieutenants while attempting to remove their NYPD jackets and radios.” According to the NYPD, other demonstrators intervened during the scuffle to prevent Linsker’s arrest, which allowed him to flee the scene.

“I did speak to the two lieutenants in the hospital, and they said that there were other people on the bridge who attempted to help them,” O’Neill told reporters.

Authorities say Eric Linsker, 29, faces multiple charges including assault on a police officer, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest.

He needs to go to jail.

Hammers have been a weapon of choice during these protests with one Bosnian man being killed by hammers and several others being assaulted by them. He had what they call an “anarchist’s kit.”

Linsker (pictured below) is a CUNY professor. Even back in the 70’s and 80’s, we called CUNY, the Communist University of NY. A number of the group leaders at Occupy Wall Street were also communist professors from CUNY. I personally spoke with one of them.


Check out this quote: “Democracy and Capitalism don’t work together … the occupying of homes … we are taking over the home … there’s a whole other value system here … we are going to take over the home and this person is not going to pay…”
~ Marina Sitrin, CUNY Professor and Attorney for the OWS legal working group.

Sitrin is one of the far left people who wouldn’t let me tape her at Occupy Wall Street. She’s visited Cuba more than once.

If you go to 2:37 on the video that follows, you will see Marina Sitrin, Attorney for the OWS legal working group, and activist for Occupy Homes/SEIU. This video was taken on Day 5 of Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park.

In the video, Ms. Sitrin was leading one of many groups of great unwashed ones in a discussion on how to manipulate situations so the police look bad…especially take advantage if they approach you, she advised. The OWS were directed to have that videocamera ready. She would not let me tape the discussion. This is the same woman who said that the police were intimidating the OWS and trying to shut them down – Read here at Raw Story.


The people behind these “protests” are far left rabble rousers who want to start a war. They have no interest in being peaceful.

Chief of Department James O’Neill said:

“Over the past few weeks we have gone to great lengths to ensure, even facilitate, people’s ability to protest,” O’Neill said. “All during this time, our officers have shown extraordinary restraint and patience in the face of verbal abuse and much more. … But after tonight’s event, after our cops are assaulted, this is where we have to draw the line. I want to be clear that these assaults do not come with the territory.”

Miller noted that the two lieutenants injured were assigned to the NYPD Legal Bureau. Their job is to make sure everyone’s rights are protected.

A group of demonstrators was also videotaped marching through Murray Hill chanting, “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it? Now! They must have merely been a “breakaway” group (that’s sarcasm).


Comrade De Blasio said it represents a “radical departure from the demonstrations so far” and violence has no place in all of this. I want to know what’s he’s smoking because he’s delusional if he thinks this is a “radical departure.”

In addition to the communists, socialists, and anarchists involved in these protests, criminals are marching.


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