“Peaceful” Protesters Set Limo on Fire, Burn It All Down!


The” peaceful” protesters, celebrating the “peaceful transition of power”, set a limo on fire in D.C.. As they riot, they are burning it all down. More riot police are moving in.

The limo belongs to a man who worked hard for it. It’s his business vehicle.

At least 217 people have been arrested in D.C. Six police officers have been hurt but will be okay.

Many of these people are rioting under the umbrella organization DisruptJ20. The funding for the organization is being kept secret but what is not secret is the list of people backing it. That includes Michael Moore, other leftist celebrities, and of course George Soros.

They really hate this limo. It’s obviously not theirs to destroy.

You’ve all been waiting for the Satanists against Trump no doubt. They have arrived in D.C.

This is worth checking out.

More vicious behavior from leftist thugs.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more insane.

The leftists are using children to block the roads.

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John Smith
John Smith
7 years ago

The TEA Party took to the streets to educate the masses with peaceful protests. These people are criminals and should be locked up. Perhaps that is why they voted for Criminal Hillary – birds of a feather flock together. Maybe DJT will buy this guy a new limo. Very upsetting to see people putting other people’s lives at risk over the fact that they didn’t get their way. This is what happens when kids are not taught to win or lose or who is in charge, the adults not the children. I am not a bad person because I respect my parents too much.