Pearl Jam Says the Dead Trump Poster Expresses How They Feel


Contributor Jim Soviero

Remember 2008 when presidential candidate John McCain scolded a talk radio host supporter for using Obama’s middle name at an event? The media went wild berating the host and tied it to candidate John McCain who declared Barack Obama’s middle name must never be used during the campaign.

“I absolutely repudiate such comments,” he said. “It will never happen again.”

The media praised his comments and no one was allowed to use Obama’s middle name or they’d become a punching bag for the media.

How different it is today.


As Pearl Jam rocked to raise money for Democratic Senator Jon Tester at the University of Montana campus on Monday, they displayed sordid artwork showing the skeletal remains of Donald Trump.

At the Washington-Grizzly Stadium, Pearl Jam partnered with the Montana Democrat to provide students the “Rock on Jon” deal.  If they donated to Tester’s campaign, they got a ticket to the show. They also received a pass to a fundraising event with Tester and Pearl Jam bassist, Jeff Ament.

The poster shows the skeletal remains of the President with his hair preserved as he reaches for a briefcase emblazoned with the hammer and sickle. A bald eagle eats Trump’s rotting flesh. In the background, the White House is burning.

There’s more nonsensical symbolism, with a heroic Tester and a diss at the Second Amendment but none of it is worth the words needed to describe it.

These people are unethical, gruesome, and hateful. Besides, the poster is ugly and unimaginative.


“The role of artists is to make people think and feel, and the current administration has us thinking and feeling,” Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament told Rolling Stone of the controversial Trump poster.

They want him dead and to see his rotting skeletal remains on the White House lawn.

“We’re at a tipping point and it’s time to take action,” says Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament after sharing the gory anti-Trump poster.

So, what, Ament, are you going to kill him?

The only ones who are like Russian Communists are the Democrats. Tester is the one who should be reaching for the hammer and sickle briefcase.

Reactions on Twitter are mixed. But the left is thrilled and claims the right-wingers were thrilled with pictures of Obama hanging. Personally, I never saw a picture like that and honestly don’t know anyone who would approve of that.

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