7 Fast Facts About Ted Cruz and the Five Mistresses


CRUZ TRUM[If someone made this up and put it on a Lifetime movie, viewers would say it’s too fantastical even for Lifetime, but here goes.


Mr. Pecker, who heads the National Enquirer, and yes, that is his name, is a good friend of Donald Trump’s as is Roger Stone who has been writing the really harsh anti-Cruz articles for the Daily Caller and who might have been behind the one in the Enquirer. Peck’s tabloid is claiming the unbelievable – that Ted Cruz has five mistresses.

It’s hard to believe he’s collecting young beautiful women on the side. The Enquirer occasionally has a real story but mostly just throws out slanderous articles and whatever sticks, fine. It’s the paper you see at the supermarket checkout you don’t want to buy but might well read on the sneak while waiting for your groceries to be added up.

The Enquirer used to concentrate on alien abduction articles but hit it big when they snapped a photo of John Edwards with his baby and baby mama. They were right about Gary Hart, OJ, and Jesse Jackson also but they are more wrong than right.

The Enquirer was more credible when it ran stories about 1,000-year-old aliens drinking the blood of Midwestern cattle or when they ran the story of Bill Clinton hunting aliens at area 51. Then there was the story about Hillary’s alien baby…oh, wait, that one was probably true.

The Enquirer endorsed Trump earlier this month.

The tabloid supported Trump before he became a candidate and they attacked Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson. We’ve heard about the alleged dirty tricks by Cruz’s campaign but did you hear what this Mr. Pecker’s paper said about Dr. Ben, an esteemed neurosurgeon?

They were the authors of “Bungling Surgeon Ben Carson Left Sponge in Patient’s Brain!” The article alleged that Carson — the first surgeon to separate conjoined twins — “brandished a scalpel like a meat cleaver!”

This does’t meant Trump orchestrated it.



It’s likely Trump knew the Cruz story was coming out, though he says he didn’t, not only because his friends are involved, but because the National Enquirer has an editorial/legal requirement for research and attributed comment prior to publication, according to Conservative Treehouse

Others probably did as well. The campaign behind it is not believed to be Trump’s but Marco Rubio’s by several publications but no one knows for sure at this point.

The Daily Beast claims that Marco Rubio allies have been peddling the story and that it has been around for six months.

Got News is also blaming the Rubio campaign.



Ironically, Donald Trump wants to put reporters on trial for “unfair” articles, according to his recent interview with The WaPo, but Mr. Pecker would be the first one up.

The claim is the Enquirer wouldn’t go there if they didn’t have the goods, but they have in the past.




Various twitter users think they know who three of the women are. The Gateway Pundit reached out to one of the suspected mistresses and she said, “It’s ridiculous. Anyone with half a brain knows it’s false….I don’t think the article is true. I can’t see Cruz being like that…All I know is it’s not me. There’s a reason they don’t use my name. It’s BS.”

What we know from The Daily Wire is this:

  • Cruz’s alleged mistresses have been identified: Katrina Pierson, Sarah Isgur Flores, and Amanda Carpenter.
  • Katrina Pierson, one of the Enquirer’s women and a Trump campaign SPOX has denied the story [would Trump plant a story about his SPOX?].
  • Amanda Carpenter, another of the Enquirer’s women, has denied the story.
  • Sarah Isgur Flores, in the center of the supposed de-pixelated photos, worked for the Fiorina campaign during the 2016 election. As goes the theory, when Fiorina found out about the affair, Cruz silenced her with a half-million-dollar donation. It bears repeating that no one has proof of anything, and Fiorina has herself endorsed and campaigned with Cruz since ending her campaign. Moreover, a photo from Flores’s Twitter shows Fiorina and the Cruz family being quite friendly.
  • Cruz has denied the story and blamed Trump for it.

Amanda Carpenter said this:

“What’s out there is tabloid trash. They can talk to my lawyer. It’s categorically false. You should be ashamed for spreading this smut.”

She said a lot more, it’s worth listening to.



The hacker collective – Anonymous – warned Cruz to leave the race or they would out him as a serial cheater.



Cruz has denied the story.




Bottom line: If it’s true, I’ll eat spinach for a month. Maybe I shouldn’t go that far.

If this BS doesn’t work, they can always go to Gloria Allred and she could pull out some of those Herman Cain women who ruined his run for the presidency. Or maybe Gloria can find an illegal immigrant maid that Ted only paid $22 an hour.

Most of this is gossip right now but who can even picture Ted Cruz going to bed without being fully suited up much less…what they said?

Unfortunately, the Enquirer “story” is today’s political reality. Even if by some chance it turned out to be true, UGH! No matter whether you support Trump or not, you must admit he’s turned the presidential race into a reality show.

One of our candidates is under FBI investigation, another is an inch away from being a communist, still another is a reality show/businessman kingpin who wants to put reporters on trial and tweets mean pics, another might have five mistresses, and then there is the boring son of a mailman.


  • Another trash article with nothing but conjecture and no real facts. Cruz smear pieces in leftist media are commonplace now. But we can see Donald Trump has been getting $400 million of free airtime from the mainstream media, and funding the establishment to pass Obamacare, help amnesty cause, to crush the TEA Party, and those are established, provable facts. TRUMP said himself that Schumer, McConnell, Pelosi, both Clintons, are all “close” friends of his. Even Harry Reid endorses Donald Trump. It’s why when Ted Cruz called Mitch McConnell out as a liar to get Senate to pass TPP/TPA, TRUMP got angry, nobody else. The FACT IS, Donald Trump has even had to pay ten million dollars in fines for MONEY-LAUNDERING with George Soros, has been affiliated with the Mob, the Chinese, and the Saudis. That’s why he blamed the Garland TX Jihad attack on an American Free Speech activists. Donald Trump has been funding the dirtiest politicians in the DC Cartel for over forty years, as a lobbyist for his own benefit. He’s done nothing for America but build casinos and stripclubs. Male and female stripclubs, mind you. There’s more: SOROS has to bail him out while he was building TRUMP Tower, and Trump used illegals to build it. Now he seeks to be POTUS for his own gain, not the people. Trump is famous for promising the moon and not delivering. In fact, when he was renting properties he would promise people that celebrities and notables from foreign nations would be living next door to the gullible victims of his sales pitches. Of course, they didn’t show up. That’s why Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump in Texas like a red-headed stepchild because Texans watched Cruz deliver everything he ever promised to the public, and they know TRUMP is all talk. Ted’s fought for the US Constitution for years, and won, securing amendment rights for people like the folks at Hobby Lobby. You shoukd go read Cruz’s resume, Google it, its amazing. I was fooled by Donald Trump’s speeches for the first few months, but doing a bit of research, saw he’s changed parties six times since 1985 and he’s been dabbling in trying to run for president before, and that’s when suddenly he put on the conservative sheep’s clothing. But after a while I could see his flipfloppery was decidedly in the liberal direction. When I saw he supported partial birth abortion, and said Planned Parenthood does “great things”, loved Obama’s work and all the government bailouts, was still for amnesty, said Saddam had no WMD, said he’d Hillary would make a great President (what kind of gullible, clueless person would say that ever, at any point in time?), that he’d keep Common Core, supported “assault weapon” bans, said there were “no good guys or bad guys” in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, that Israel should compromise more, I knew this man is exactly as he said: That he identifies more with being a Democrat. On a personal note, I stopped respecting Trump, as he’s had affairs, is on Wife #3, has been bragging about sleeping with married women, “joking” repeatedly about sex with his own daughter, bragging about his penis size to the media, smearing Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and other conservatives, never attacking Bernie or Hillary…calling women ugly, mocking the disabled and POWs…I finally realized this is the most narcissistic, unpresidential, unprincipled man who has ever sought the office of the presidency. He’s a depraved sociopath, a reprobate, and a manwhore. He’ll say absolutely anything to get elected. He’s ridden both sides of every single issue you can name. He’s not even self-funding as he claims. He’s borrowing the money from HIMSELF, then paying himself back from donations, because that’s what crooks do. Google that too. While you’re at it, see that even veteran charity money was redirected back to his accounts. Before running for office, TRUMP was notoriously cheap with charity. No wonder he won’t open his tax records to the public. Romney opened his, Ted Cruz opened up NINE YEARS WORTH, immediately. TRUMP still refuses. And his excuse that he’s under audit is a lie. You can check that too. Thus country is going to be in a lot of trouble if Hillary or her pal Donald Trump win the election. How sad that people support Donald so much that he bragged about how his fans would vote for him even if he murdered a man on 5th Avenue. After seeing the rabid crowds and talking to some of his fans, who are clueless to these facts, I believe he’s right. Obama’s supporters were the same ilk. They couldn’t find fault with him even when his treasonous acts were obviously tanking the USA economy and emboldening terrorism. Let’s pray for America, that she wake up and smell the skunk trying to pass himself off as a conservative. God save the USA.

    • It’s full of facts and there’s NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING in support of Trump and the article supports Cruz. It’s all BS. We don’t know who was behind the malicious rumor yet.

  • The fact that Ted Cruz and Amanda Carpenter both showed off their matcing tattoos on the same day – April 1st- (he on fox news, and she on twitter) says it all for me!!! GUILTY!!! Also, you have to look closely at what they DO NOT SAY, – his denials are weak, he does NOT say, “I have always been faithful to my wife” not does he say, “I have never cheated on my wife” all he does is attack the tabloid for printing garbage and then attacks Trump. Amanda denies and then threatens with a lawyer- ha ha ha ha -she is gulity!!!!

    CHECK THIS OUT – IF YOU ARENT AFRAID OF THE TRUTH- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxo_5E0vyWk