Peeing Pug Joins Fearless Girl and Charging Bull Very Very Briefly


A New York artist added a dog urinating on the left leg of the Fearless Girl statue standing opposite the famous Charging Bull.

Dubbed “Pissing Pug”, the artist Alex Gardega told The New York Post his aim was to take away from the girl, saying she was nothing more than a publicity stunt which detracted from the “integrity” of artist Arturo Di Modica’s bull.

“It has nothing to do with feminism, and it is disrespect to the artist that made the bull,” he said.

He gave the dog a messy look to “downgrade” the girl further.

Twitter lighted up with people accusing the artist of sexism. Debra Messing lost it for her Hollywood friends.

Gardega wanted the pug to draw attention to the fact that the Fearless Girl was commissioned by asset-manager State Street Global Advisors. The artist removed the statue after a few hours because “people were kicking it,” and broke the pug’s leg. The artist has since fixed the leg.

Gardega said he was glad people were happy seeing “Fearless Girl and added, “I’m pro-feminist,” he said, “but that’s kind of corporate baloney feminism.”

Fearless Girl was created on the eve of this year’s Socialist International Women’s Day, to highlight the leftist concept of gender equality.

Communist New York Mayor Bill De Blasio has extended Fearless Girl’s stay for another 11 months.

Some groups say they see her as taking a symbolic stand against financial firms.

Charging Bull sculptor Di Modica has criticized the girl, and is suing the mutual fund company behind the work for trademark and copyright infringement.

Some on Twitter liked the artist’s touch.

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