“Peeved Beaver” Fascists Get Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Line Pulled


Another department store has taken Ivanka Trump’s clothing line out of their stores under pressure from the Democrat Fascists. This time — other stores have removed her clothing, shoes, and jewelry from their stores — it’s a major chain in Canada, Hudson’s Bay. The fascists have won again.

Ivanka’s clothes and accessories are stylish and beautiful, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the peeved fascists who attack people who disagree with them.

One of the Peeved Beavers, dressed as a terrifying version of beauteous Ivanka Trump.

An activist group called the “Peeved Beavers” have been leading demonstrations against the store over the past year. And, of course, it has also been faced with the ultimate kiss of death for any fashion line — poor brand performance.

“Hudson’s Bay is phasing out this brand through the fall based on its performance,” Meghan Biango, a Hudson’s Bay representative, told Refinery29. “As part of our regular course of business, we review our merchandise offerings and make appropriate changes.”

Hard-left Shannon Coulter, who started #GrabYourWallet, regaled Hudson’s Bay’s choice.

“Never doubt that your voices and your choices matter,” she wrote on Twitter. “Keep fighting. Keep letting companies know that it’s not ok to do business with racists and extremists.”

The extremists and the racists are the leftist Democrats, not the Republicans. You don’t see the right demanding the watering down of the First Amendment, the elimination of the Second, and the end of sovereignty through open borders. As far as racism is concerned, it’s not the right playing identity politics. Putting people in categories, stereotyping them, and making them into victims via identity politics is the very definition of racism.

They are extremely vulgar and extremely left, touting their fight as one that is against Trumpism.

They have gotten tremendous publicity and there’s only about 30 of them last count.

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