Pelosi gleefully announces she’s been at impeachment for 2 1/2 years


President Trump pointed out that Nancy Pelosi admitted in an interview that she’s been trying to impeach him since the summer of 2017. That is what she indicated during the interview.

Prior to this, Pelosi claimed she wasn’t looking to impeach and impeachment would have to be bipartisan.

Speaker Pelosi was asked about the criticism that she’s been moving too fast on impeachment. She responded that it hasn’t been fast since they’ve been at impeachment for two and a half years.

That was an accidental truth.

Alan Dershowitz told Mark Levin on his Fox show Sunday night — Life, Liberty, and Levin — that this impeachment is an abuse of power, echoing the words of Professor Jonathan Turley during the impeachment hearings.

“What they’re trying to do is what the KGB under Lavrentiy Beria said to Stalin, the dictator — I’m not comparing our country to the Soviet Union; I just want to make sure it never becomes anything like that,” Dershowitz said. “Beria said to Stalin, ‘Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.’ And that’s what some of the Democrats are doing. They have Trump in their sights, they want to figure out a way of impeaching him, and they’re searching for a crime.”

Dershowitz went on to warn that Democrats have created “open-ended criteria which bear no relationship to the words of the Constitution itself” and that a potential impeachment of President Trump would set a precedent that will “weaponize impeachment, and the next Democrat who gets elected will be impeached.”

Rep. Jordan explained what is gong on:

“It’s not just because they don’t like the president. They don’t like us. They don’t like the 63 million people who voted for this president. All of us in flyover country. All of us common folk in OH, WI, TN & TX. They don’t like us,” Rep. Jim Jordan said.

“They dislike us so much they are willing to weaponize the government. A few years ago, it was the IRS. More recently it was the FBI. And now it’s the impeachment power of Congress, going after 63 million people and the guy we put in the White House.”

Democrats have gone full-blown hard-left and they are proud of themselves for doing it.

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