Pelosi Ignores the Border Crisis to Lodge Attacks on Trump & Gloat


Nancy Pelosi is gloating over their alleged win on the shutdown/border security controversy, but what did they win? They have a three-week delay and our borders are wide open with god-knows-who are pouring in.

These two far-left ‘leaders’ are nauseating.

They won three more weeks of criminals and terrorists coming into our country. Neither Pelosi or Schumer have to worry about that, what with living in mansions and traveling with their bodyguards and all.

Lying Speaker Nancy is back on the Russia conspiracy theory even though the charges against Roger Stone show there is no evidence of collusion or conspiracy. They charged Stone with perjury [at the behest of House Democrats], witness tampering [he allegedly threatened a left-wing host’s dog. The host communicates with Assange of Wikileaks], and obstruction, a natural outcome of the other two charges. Those charges could be legitimate, but if you’ll notice, there is no collusion or conspiracy charge with Russia in the indictment.

Knowing Mueller, if he had any evidence, he would have charged him with that.


Our new Texas representative Dan Crenshaw is backing the President and he explains why. The President couldn’t keep the shutdown going and House Democrats have another chance to debate border security instead of a shutdown. Rep. Crenshaw will be on the Homeland Security Committee to do just that.

The Sentinel backs him. Three weeks won’t do a thing, but if a plane went down during a shutdown, it would have been all over for Republicans. Democrats will have to debate and take a stand of some kind during the three weeks. It can be used against them. It will be difficult without a fair and balanced media, but it’s possible.

If you can believe The Washington Post, the President said in a Wednesday meeting discussing the three-week Continuing Resolution that the former Speaker Paul Ryan “screwed him.” Whether he said it or not, the truth is the former Speaker did “screw” him and the American people with his constant CRs and a promise of a future deal including the border wall.

If there is one thing politicians are good at it is kicking the can down the road.

When Ryan had the majority, he did nothing to get funding.

Three weeks of Democrats ranting won’t do anything, but the President’s back was against the wall. People who are abandoning the President should consider the alternative. He’s trying and has almost no support.


Border Patrol is once again coming across illegal aliens with flesh-eating bacteria among the hordes pouring across our borders.

A flesh-eating bacteria was found on one of more than 300 migrants taken into custody Thursday near Antelope Wells, New Mexico.

A man detained with a group of immigrants Thursday notified an agent while being processed at the Border Patrol’s Lordsburg Station that he had a growing rash on his leg and needed medical attention, officials said.

The man was taken to a hospital for treatment. Taxpayers get to pay for his extensive treatment.

As long as the elite are safe.


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Pat Bryan
Pat Bryan
4 years ago

Do not call Crenshaw “Our new Texas representative” unless you live in TX-02.
Dan cares naught for his constituents. He is a bloodhound for publicity. He cares only for kissing Trump’s butt. Dan has turned his valiant military record into a cheap jingoistic advertising gimmick.
Those of us who live in TX-02 have hope that Dan’s butt-kissing will get him appointed to ‘higher office’; so we can try to get a real Congressman next time.

4 years ago
Reply to  Pat Bryan

First. you get all possessive of Crenshaw, we’re not supposed to call him ‘ours’. In the next breath you’re tearing him apart wishing you had someone else. I’m curious. Does that mean anyone – RINO or Lefty – as long as they make it their mission to obstruct all things Trump?

I like Crenshaw. And though I’m in Wisconsin, I consider him one of ‘Ours’.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Barbarians are coming through our porous borders, thank the Democrats & RINO’s.

4 years ago

Don’t tell me, let me guess. The bald woman is running for the democrat nomination for president in 2020.