Pelosi might never send the articles of impeachment to the Senate


Democrats are never going to send the articles of impeachment and that seems clear from comments made by Whip Rep. James Clyburn. He says if it were up to him, he might never send the articles up. The Democrats want to determine the rules of the Senate.

The House no right to negotiate the terms in the Senate. When did Pelosi become a senator?

This could be Nancy Pelosi’s goal — to never send them up. If they are never sent, it’s an out for her. If the Senate gets a hold of it, they might make Democrats look even more ridiculous than they do now.

The Senate can wait a few weeks and then vote on them anyway. It’s not likely they need her to send the articles up to them.

This would be a fitting end to this farce.

In the clip, he says, let’s give Trump a fair trial and then hang him.


If there is one thing we are certain about, it’s that Democrats don’t care about the Constitution or the Founding Fathers. Their words ring hollow.

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3 years ago

as long as Piglosi holds up the Senate trial, President Trump is NOT IMPEACHED…they can’t impeach him if they don’t have a trial…WE THE PEOPLE know what you are doing Piglosi and we will NEVER FORGET what you have done to our great Nation