Pelosi Promises to Abolish the “Dark Cloud” of Tax Cuts If They Win


Nancy Pelosi plans to become Speaker of the House after November if Democrats take back the House. She also plans to get rid of the tax cut “crumbs”.

Democrats will raise taxes.

That is a winner for her because of the 47% who don’t pay federal taxes, the majority are her base. The tax cuts didn’t help liberal states all that much either. They helped middle America — not her base.

Bloomberg News reports that Pelosi continues to disparage President Donald Trump’s tax cuts and will raise taxes:

“The tax bill is a dark cloud over our children’s future,” the California Democrat said Thursday at the Peterson Foundation Fiscal Summit in Washington. “We want to revisit in a way that puts the middle class first and reduces the debt.”

Pelosi said she would seek to negotiate a bipartisan extension of the tax bill’s middle-class tax cuts for individuals, which expire in 2026. The new tax bill would be one that “promotes growth, generates jobs and reduces the deficit,” she said…

…Pelosi didn’t say whether she would seek to raise the corporate rate — which was cut to 21 percent from 35 percent — and didn’t specify other tax breaks she would seek to end.

The Party of Porn Stars and Profligate Spenders of Other Peoples’ Money

The Democratic Party is the party of Stormy, Nancy, and Maxine. Their platform is hate Trump and his deplorables, increase taxes, spend endlessly on welfare, give away a lot of unaffordable freebies, prefer illegal immigrants to citizens, and keep those borders open.

She is on the record:

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