Pelosi rattles on about Trump’s ‘make America white again hat’


Nancy Pelosi could have dementia. She said the President wants to make America “white again” because he has the perfectly reasonable desire to put the citizenship question back on the census. It was removed by then-president Obama in 2010.

“This is about keeping — you know, make America, you know, his hat — Make America White Again. They want to make sure that people, certain people, are counted. It’s really disgraceful and it’s not what our founders had in mind. What they want to do is put a chilling effect so certain populations will not answer the form, that they won’t respond. Don’t give them that victory. You must respond because otherwise, they win.”

What does asking if you are a citizen or not have to do with skin color??? It’s such a convenient Democrat diversion.

Citizenship has nothing whatsoever to do with skin color and he’s not asking for skin color.

The only reason Democrats don’t want the citizenship question on the census is that it determines House seats — drawing of congressional districts relies on the census — and, consequently, funding is apportioned accordingly. Pelosibots don’t want Americans to know the extent of this. They also don’t want Americans to know how many illegals are here.


The U.S. is predominantly white NOW with a population of 77.7% white and a lot of people of color just don’t have that much color. Many have beautiful bronze and black shades of skin and who the HELL cares? Nancy is a racist hag and judges everyone by unimportant characteristics like skin color.

She doesn’t look at skill, talent, charm, commitment, character. What she and her Democrats care about are who people sleep with, what color their skin is, what religion or not they follow, what gender they are.

Pelosi and crew are bigotted social engineer nutjobs who only seek to divide.

She also assumes every non-citizen is not white. That sounds racist!

Now the Democrat nutsos want to give free healthcare to illegal aliens. They already give them a free pass on ID theft crimes and other crimes and they dole out lots of welfare to them.

We have open borders and that is what the Democrats want. This can’t be a country without borders so, in essence, Democrats are destroying the United States as a country. They control impoverished plantations in all their cities and they want us all on them, doing their bidding.

All they do is divide us. The truth is everyone is doing better in this economy — everyone. That’s something Democrats never accomplish.

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