Pelosi Says “Poorest People in America” Are “Infants and Children”, “Infants and Children”


Nancy Pelosi stumbled through a speech at a Families USA event, repeating words, forgetting what she wanted to say, not remembering Martin Luther King’s name, and she put John Kasich in the wrong state.

It’s possibly dementia or a nervous breakdown.

In the video below, she reminded the crowd to applause on things she said. This line was priceless: “By the way, do you know who the poorest people in America are? Infants and children. Infants and children”

She continued: “Don’t take it from me. John Kasich, the governor of Illinois said, ‘Thank God for Medicaid.’”

Has she been hitting the bottle, gone off her meds?

Nancy Pelosi recently though Bush was president, Maxine Waters thought Russia invaded Korea, and Keith Ellison thinks Germany bombed Pearl Harbor. Perhaps the DNC should debate what facility to put these people in.



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