Pelosi Says “the Constitution Does Not Say a Person Can Yell ‘Wolf’ In a Crowded Movie Theater”


Nancy Pelosi says “the Constitution does not say a person can shout…uh…yell..wolf in a crowded theater. If you are endangering people, then you don’t have a constitutional right to do that.”

Why not? If I want to yell ‘wolf’ or ‘dog’ or ‘shark’ in a movie theater, I’m doing it Nancy.

Nancy gave an interview to a San Francisco television station Wednesday and was asked to weigh in on her request that the National Park Service deny a permit to an alleged “alt-right demonstration” called Patriot Prayer. That’s when her dementia set in.

We know someone else who used to do that.

The interview didn’t improve. Pelosi said she has won every fight against Republicans. Huh, what? Why did they lose all those elections then? They couldn’t even beat the reality show host that they claim almost no one likes.

She then spouted her trite better jobs, better deal, better future slogan that no one finds interesting, absolutely no one, not even Democrats.

h/t weasel zippers

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