Dingbat Pelosi Slams Press as Russian Accomplices


Nancy Pelosi, minority leader of the House
Nancy Pelosi, minority leader of the House

The minority leader in the House slammed the press for reporting about the emails as they were leaked. According to Nancy Pelosi, they knew the Russians did it and didn’t say it with each email.

“I really say to you, my friends in the press, with all due respect for the guardians of the First Amendment that you are, that you were accomplices in this. It was every single day you reported that there was an email that was embarrassing to the Clinton [campaign] without saying, ‘We know this because of disruption by a foreign power into our electoral system.’”

The leftists can’t tolerate losing.

At the same time, Chinese Communists, Generals of the Peoples’ Liberation Army are spying on Americans through millions of devices in their homes. Pelosi could care less.

Kellyanne Conway has another theory. The media interfered in the election by telling us Hillary was a “shoe-in”.

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