Pelosi Tells a Mind-Numbingly Massive Lie About Wall Street


The Democrat Party is becoming a cult. They will tell any lie and brainwash their followers into believing it. Telling obviously provable lies is why the Democrats are losing elections. During a townhall Tuesday evening, Nancy Pelosi said that “Wall Street comes out en masse against House Democrats every election”.

Listen for yourself:

She apparently doesn’t know that according to Politifact, “Wallstreet and Hedgefunds” gave $64M to Hillary and her PACs.

Hedgefunds gave $48,500,000 for Hillary vs. $19,000 for Trump.

Nine out of ten Obama cabinet picks in 2008 were selected by Wall Street. Apparently she doesn’t know that.

Pelosi is a corporatist multi-millionaire who turned our healthcare and prescriptions over to special interests and Wall Street.

Democrats got more of the money from Wall Street than Republicans in the last three elections.

Even the leftist protests against Trump that Pelosi praises are funded by globalists and insane billionaires.

Democrat Party’s Mission

The Democrat Party spoke of wanting an unaware and compliant citizenry. Check it out on this link.

Her lies are deliberate and are part of a pre-planned narrative. She’s a propagandist.

The Democrat Party is behaving more cult-like than acting like a responsible party. The left is creating a mass delusion, accusing opponents of what they themselves are doing.

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