Pelosi tells Trump to work with her on a “Unifying” impeachment experience


The Democrats have decided to continue their destructive campaign against the President on a Ukraine ‘scandal,’ which by all rights is Biden’s scandal.

Pelosi is already grandstanding the issue.


“Speak the truth,” Pelosi delivered her message to the White House during an appearance on Sunday’s 60 Minutes. “Honor your oath of office to the Constitution of the United States. Speak the truth and let us work together to have this be a unifying experience, not a dividing one for our country.”

She added snidely, “Don’t make this any worse than it already is.”

In other words, if it’s divisive, it’s Trump’s fault.

Pelosi is that crazy and wants impeachment to be a unifying experience. It’s a mystery how she could let those words actually leave her mouth.

Better yet, why doesn’t she tell the truth and have an honest vote for a formal impeachment inquiry? It isn’t an impeachment inquiry without a formal vote. However, Democrats did vote for her to move ahead by rejecting a resolution to hold up impeachment. Every single Democrat voted for it. In other words, every single Democrat voted for impeachment but they did it dishonestly.

The President won’t cave to Nancy’s demands and she knows it. It’s all show and it’s to keep his poll numbers down. As soon as he climbs in the polls or he’s about to make gains in foreign affairs, the Democrats pull one of these scandals out of their cauldron.

She might be concerned that Attorney General Bill Barr’s investigation is not only covering the origins of the fake Trump-Russia collusion scandal, it’s also covering Ukraine.


The President is not going to cooperate in her witch hunt. Democrats have achieved nothing since the President’s election except tear him apart 24/7 with the help of their media.

“He’ll be very aggressive,” said Republican strategist John Feehery. “I think ultimately his game plan is to make sure the base is with him. He understands this is a political fight, not a legal fight, and he’s going to play politics. He knows that if he loses the base, he loses the game.”

After more than two years of a fake collusion crisis, the President is now being attacked by the left with another so-called crisis — Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is on tape bragging about using US aid to extort Ukraine, forcing them to fire a top prosecutor who was investigating a company run by Ukraine’s worst mobster who employed Biden’s ne’er-do-well son. It has been confirmed that the prosecutor, who was fired by Quid Pro Joe, was about to interview Hunter Biden.

“There are no high crimes and misdemeanors here,” said White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway. “People were talking about impeaching this president before he even got inaugurated. And now they’re getting their wish. Nancy Pelosi finally capitulated to her angry mob.”

She said the American people “will see what’s not getting done” in Congress while Democrats devote their attention to impeaching Mr. Trump in a strong economy.


Even far-left moonbat Cuomo knows it’s a loser.

“I think we now go to a very long and unproductive road,” said Cuomo, one of the top names in the Democratic Party, at a panel discussion Thursday at New Jersey’s Seton Hall Law School that was designed to focus upon political civility.

“Speaker Pelosi was dealing with pressure from her caucus and…there is a heightened leftist component to the Democratic Party that she was feeling pressure for,” Cuomo said, according to Fox News.

“She is a deliberate, responsible person. She is not a knee-jerk person and I think she even resisted the pressure in her caucus admirably for a long period of time,” Cuomo said.

He said he thinks the Ukraine situation raises “a lot of questions,” but ultimately goes “nowhere.”

“Where does it go ultimately? Nowhere, because even if they vote for impeachment, it goes to the Senate and it wouldn’t happen in the Senate,” he said.“So my guess is that this continues and blends into the presidential campaign. The problem with that is that nothing else is going to get done between now and then,” he said.

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