Pelosi Threatens to Take Our Guns If Trump Declares a National Emergency


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that if President Trump can declare a national emergency to construct his border wall, a Democratic president can use the same powers to take all sorts of steps the GOP won’t like.

She mentioned guns as an area where a Democratic president might try an end-run around Congress.

“Because if the president can declare an emergency on something that he has created as an emergency, an illusion that he wants to convey, just think of what a president with different values can present to the American people,” she said.

She continued: “You want to talk about a national emergency, let’s talk about today, the one-year anniversary of another manifestation of the epidemic of gun violence in America. That’s a national emergency”

Really Nancy? And then what, everyone loses their Second Amendment rights? That will go over well.

She made her comments to reporters Thursday afternoon after the White House said the President will sign the spending bill moving through Congress but will claim emergency powers to have the Pentagon build the wall anyway, using money Congress already appropriated.

Don’t forget they’re going to take our planes away, our steaks, our milk, seize our buildings, our money, our sugar, and our Big Gulps. Now they want our guns. Democrats sure are giving us a lot of incentive to vote for them.



    • She, as is her fellow democrats and aligned rinos, are following orders…What they fail to realize is that their lackeys in the mainstream corrupt media, who have recently allied with the left leaning douche bags in social media, do not CONTROL the minds of a little under 50% of the population…which will be the downfall of the traitors that want to abolish the Electoral College, turn the US into a democracy and DESTROY the Republic…From what these traitors are saying it would become the biggest banana republic in the hemisphere…that is why they do not want a wall !!!

  1. this woman is despicable. how is anything the democrats do helpful to the American people For them it’s all politics and only to thwart our President. NOT having a wall benefits no one except the cartels

  2. I’m not a Constitutional scholar like Obama, but I’d suggest checking the exact language of the National Emergencies Act (NEA) (Pub.L. 94–412, 90 Stat. 1255 before going off half cocked. Bitch.

  3. Well, who exactly is going to take the guns? There are not enough Commiecrat agents who would be willing to risk taking them.It would just be the long awaited civil war during which we can simply eliminate the Commiecrats for good.

  4. Well Nancy they will be real easy to find. Try it and the UNDISSPUTED LARGEST ARMY IN THE WORLD will be in the streets armed to the teeth. Do you think that the democrat party will be around the next day?

  5. This is just misdirection. Once Trump signs this bill, it revokes his emergency powers. It doesn’t really, but it appears to. That’s all they (he) need to tie it up in the courts forever. Trump doesn’t want a wall! Cheap labor is the holy grail of the mega rich.

  6. Nancy doesn’t have nearly as much power as she thinks she has. Notice how much more feisty and demanding she is since becoming the House Speaker. She’s full of herself, alright.

  7. First of all, it’s an empty threat.
    The way I understand it; a national
    emergency cannot be used to attack
    the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.
    Although they do attack it daily with
    their salacious power grabs.
    Even if they succeed in distorting the
    law they would never live long enough
    to implement it.
    That’s what they make piano wire for.
    Hang ’em high !

  8. The US is as divided now as at any time in our history, including before both the revolution and Civil War. There are roughly 1/2 of us who respect the Constitution, our Flag, our history, and our churches, and the other (roughly) 1/2 of us think all of those are either despicable or unworthy of respect. The more the leftists push the edge of the envelope with their “antifa” fascists and other similar disreputable groups, the greater chance of a backlash that they don’t really want, and cannot defend against. Try and have a “president’ declare our guns unlawful, and the body count will be on their own heads.

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