Pelosi’s New Americans Battle with Mexican Police


Nancy Pelosi’s new Americans, on their way up to the border, are seen in this video fighting with Mexican police. There are tens of thousands of young, single African men on their way up to the border.

The media is silent.

The fight as seen in the clip took place in a detention center in Tapachula, Mexico. It was released by Voice of America.

Hundreds of the migrants haven’t been able to get in. One of the Africans stopped by Mexico this week cursed about having paid smugglers $8,000 to get that far — to Mexico. Is any of this real, though? How much is just performance art? Tens of thousands still get in every month and if they don’t get in marching up brazenly to the border, they will sneak in at another place and point in time.

We still have 85,000 coming in a month as compared with 144,000 a month — it’s too many. We have no idea who these people are, but we can safely say they probably aren’t coming to follow our rule of law or because they admire our values. That’s speculation of course.

The Mexicans are stopping some but if they are making $8,000 a head, this won’t stop easily and our politicians are aiding and abetting these cartels. They’re in business with them. I wonder how many get paid off.

If I wanted to destroy the USA, this is the blueprint.

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