Pelosi’s unconstitutional plan to withhold the Senate trial will soon backfire


Media & Dems, there they go

Nancy Pelosi’s plan to withhold the articles of impeachment until they get what they want will backfire. It certainly is unconstitutional and deprives the President of his right to a fair trial, an opportunity to face his accusers and to due process.

The Democrats might have jumped the shark.


Famed liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz says that Speaker Pelosi got the idea to withhold the articles of impeachment as a negotiating tactic from Laurence Tribe [a very far-left Trump hater]. The goal is to keep the Senate from conducting a trial, he says.

The famed constitutional lawyer also says it is unconstitutional.

But how can this be? Democrats are wrapping themselves in the Constitution?

Dershowitz said the idea is to “withhold the trial until the Senate agreed to change its rules, or presumably until a new election put many more Democrats in the Senate. Under his proposal, there might never be a Senate trial, but the impeachment would stand as a final and permanent condemnation of President Trump.”

“It is difficult to imagine anything more unconstitutional, more violative of the intention of the Framers, more of a denial of basic due process and civil liberties, more unfair to the president and more likely to increase the current divisiveness among the American people. Put bluntly, it is hard to imagine a worse idea put forward by good people.”…

“President Trump would stand accused of two articles of impeachment without having an opportunity to be acquitted by the institution selected by the Framers to try all cases of impeachment. It would be as if a prosecutor deliberately decided to indict a criminal defendant but not to put him on trial.”

He would never have the right to confront his accusers or disprove the charges.

This would deny him the right to confront his accusers and to disprove the charges against him. Tribe himself uses a variant of this analogy.

Imagine if the situation was reversed. There would be riots, hysteria, and an outraged media.


Democrats are scared. They have nothing. They acted like last-minute holiday shoppers as Jonathan Turley said and now they have to live with what they’ve done.

Noah Feldman, the professor who testified for the Democrats during the impeachment trial, thinks Trump isn’t officially impeached since the House Democrats haven’t sent the articles to the Senate.

That case can be made.

Wouldn’t that be a well-deserved kick in the butt?

Additionally, it’s clear that Democrats demanding witnesses and testimony in the Senate makes it clear that their so-called strong case is not strong at all.

A.B. Stoddard said last night on ‘Bret Baier’ that there is a lot of pressure on Democrats to wait it out until they have more [or something] on the President.

The Democrats have no case and they’re running scared. This latest gambit might be their worst.

The House has no right to tell the Senate what their rules must be and they are using unconstitutional means by which to force the issue. That is the bottom line and they mustn’t be allowed to get away with stepping all over the Constitution. We don’t believe Mitch McConnell will let them.




  1. Dershowitz said: “bad idea by good people”

    He still thinks the Democrats are good people!

    He has basically supported Trump during the Russia Hoax and other shams to discredit our President. Kudos to him. But he’s still a Democrat that thinks Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff are good people.

    Laughing… for an educated man he is certainly naive.

    • Beware of anyone that cannot associate bad actions with the people who perform those actions. By definition, a bad person commits bad acts, and a person who performs bad acts is bad.

      We went through this with Sessions, he committed an incredibly bad act, he set off the post election coup, deliberately, yet many say he is a good man.

      Dersh is still against any indictments. Caution when taking him seriously.

  2. Nancy is waiting for the billion dollar picture or compromising thing that would make the president indesirable to the average republican. She has to wait.

  3. Let’s have some perspective on Mitch. You know what, Mitch could be aggressive and act on his own, perhaps sue Nancy, perhaps start a trial. But, he is not a real leader, he waits around and takes the easy roads, the self serving paths. Mitch is against a trial, a trial is risky for his precious corrupt DC establishment. He has had one of his clowns, Graham, stating there will be no witnesses. He wants to shut out Trump’s defense just as much as Nancy did. We get all of these protestations that Nancy violated Trump’s rights, and broke rules, yet Mitch already indicated he intends to do that same thing. Here we go again, DC is mistreating the outsider, and both parties are doing it. This idea of conservatives that Mitch is somehow an ally of Trump is irrational. Sure, Mitch will acquit, only to save himself. People cannot understand the situation well if they are unwilling to understand the context. The context is that Mitch opposes Trump, has spent 3 years covering up the scandals, and intends to violate Trump’s right to defend himself. Poor Mitch has hoped for 3 years to find cause to remove Trump but he was unable to.

    If you think otherwise, then explain why Mitch has had an active investigation on Russia for 3 years against Trump, has opened another one on the Ukraine against Trump, and has never investigated the coup.

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