Pentagon Says Climate Change Is An Immediate National Security Threat



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The Pentagon released a report Monday that claims – definitively – climate change is an immediate threat to national security. It’s not al Qaeda – they’re on the run – it’s not ISIS, it’s not illegal immigration, it’s not our weak economy, it’s climate change which may or may not be a threat 100 years from now.

This is a way of bypassing the senate and signing what will be the equivalent of a treaty with the U.N. that will redistribute our national resources to the world.

While ISIS is marching across Iraq and Syria and threatening to destroy America, Mr. Obama is working on climate change agreements with the U.N. that will require the United States to redistribute wealth and resources to some U.N. group in the Caribbean run by communists and socialists.

Obama has come to an ingenious and destructive plan that will force his climate change agenda through and distract Americans from the abject failures of his policies both here and abroad. He has used every executive agency to promote the unsubstantiated science of climate change and the latest is the Pentagon.

Instead of fighting wars with very real threats like ISIS, we will use our military to build medical facilities in Liberia and stop climate change.

The alleged rising global temperatures (which have been almost zero for the past 18 years), the increasing sea levels and intensifying weather events – all subject to interpretation – will be nothing compared to the destruction Barack Obama is attempting to wreak upon the United States.

The Pentagon report claimed – very definitively – that climate change poses an immediate threat to national security, with increased risks from terrorism, infectious disease, global poverty and food shortages. It also predicted rising demand for military disaster response as extreme weather creates more global humanitarian crises.

Their report echoes Mr. Obama’s absurd speech to the West Point cadets upon their past graduation when he said the real war we are fighting is climate change.

The Defense Department will now spread climate change plans across every single operation from war games to strategic defense planning, even to the movement of supplies.

We will be as unsafe as we have ever been since the Republic began.

If you thought PC was bad with its denial of radical Islam, you haven’t seen anything. We will do nothing to defend our country without taking the unproven science of climate change into account.

The bureaucracy will be impossible to negotiate.

The Pentagon is characterizing climate change as demanding immediate action. The pending massacre in Kobane or the future takeover of Baghdad are not important to this inept president.

“ISIS is still gaining ground and causing havoc in Syria and Iraq, with foreign fighters from over 80 countries coming and going into the fight and then returning to their home country,” Senator James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma, the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee and a prominent skeptic on climate change, said of the Pentagon report. “It is disappointing, but not surprising, that the president and his administration would focus on climate change when there are other, legitimate threats in the world.”

As the largest carbon polluters, w will pay through the nose. China, Russia, and India won’t. Just us.

The deal with the U.N. will be signed and sealed next year in Paris.

There will be a preliminary meeting with the U.N. in Peru this December to prepare us for this agreement.

This entire drive is another Obama crisis meant to force us into an unbreakable agreement with the Marxist U.N., one that will forever redistribute any wealth we might accrue.

Normally, this would be done via treaty but Mr. Obama is using this to circumvent the treaty process which would require a two-thirds senate majority to pass.

Obama, who rules by crises, is doing the same thing with the very cooperative U.N. over the alleged Ebola crisis.

Ebola has been around a long time and it’s been bad a long time. It does need to be addressed but where is the reasoned response? The officials are talking about vaccinating entire nations at our expense and the World Health Organization clamored Monday about it being “the most severe, acute health emergency seen in modern times”.

Mr. Obama is making these situations into crises to distract us from the real ones and to fundamentally transform us.

There are those who call climate change the neo-communism of our era because they believe it is an excuse to put government in charge of every aspect of our lives, especially over our income.

One thing is certain. It will be as tyrannical and it will rob us of our wealth.

Secretary of State John Kerry said that if we’re wrong, we will still have the infrastructure in place.

Yes, but we will be broke and we won’t need the infrastructure because you will have been wrong.


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