Pentagon Wants Numbers of Iraqi Refugees Dramatically Increased



The Department of Defense warned last week during a closed-door session at the White House that there has been a sharp drop in the admission of Iraqi refugees who have aided U.S. forces in the past. They say it presents a national security risk.

Reuters reports that Pentagon officials are worried that the FBI’s policy of conducting deep background checks on Iraqi refugees is the main contributor to the drop in admissions, which the department warns will dissuade civilians in the region from aiding U.S. personnel in the future.

One possible reason for the higher “hit rate” is new vetting procedures put in place this year requires that applicants submit phone numbers and email addresses for more family members than before.

With chain migration, we do need to know about the family.


There are a number of lawsuits in court demanding far more refugees and far more Muslims. The suits also express concerns that refugees aren’t being taken from Muslim-majority nations. However, the majority currently coming in the second half of 2018 are Muslims. Slightly more Christians entered in the first half.

In the first half of 2018, the numbers of refugee arrivals decreased partly due to the new vetting procedures being put in place.

Also, the President has capped the number of refugees to 45,000. Democrats want that number to go over 100,000 and to include more Muslims.

The top five countries represented by recent refugee arrivals into the United States are Syria, Somalia, Burma, Iraq, and Ukraine, according to Wrapsnet*.

The overwhelming majority, except for those from Ukraine, are Muslim.

The top five states receiving Syrians over the last two days are Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, Idaho, and Ohio. The top five states receiving Somalis since Wednesday are Massachusetts, Georgia, Maine, Minnesota, and New York.

Some Americans are concerned about this several-decades-long trend of Muslim immigration in light of radical jihad throughout the world. The refugees’ belief systems are markedly different and the Syrians and Somalis, in particular, have had serious problems assimilating and accepting Americans and Christians, according to some reports.

What do you think? Give us your opinions.


Wrapsnet is a collaborative computer system built to assist in the processing of refugees to the United States. People all around the world use WRAPS (Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System) to process and track the movement of refugees from various countries to the U.S. for resettlement.

Refugee Arrivals by State and Nationality on Scribd

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5 years ago

Someone should send them the four phases of Islamic conquest, which I have linked below. The Pentagon and others need to be educated on this immediately:

5 years ago

Why would an Iraqi fighting for their nation want to leave? This is illogical. The DOD should not be lobbying for more immigration. The DOD has caused us huge trouble in the middle east, nearly giving Syria to ISIS. Do not bring middle east problems to the USA.