People Finally Calling Out Extremist Hogg Who Calls NRA Members Child Killers


Alisyn Camerota called out extremist David Hogg and then Jesse Waters did the same for Hogg’s poisoning of the well with his demagoguery. On Friday, Tucker said Hogg was “definitely not fit to be making policy for the rest of us.”

Surprisingly, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota actually called out far-left agitator David Hogg Monday for his vicious attacks on Marco Rubio. She hinted that his vile rhetoric went too far. Hogg’s response was they didn’t go far enough.

She mentioned the $1.05 signs. Hogg has been promoting the $1.05 signs which claim that $1.0r is the price Marco Rubio thinks a child’s life is worth. The left came to that amount by taking his $5,000 donation and dividing it by students in Florida. It’s an absurd and insulting attack.

Camerota also said she spoke to victim’s families and they say Rubio reached out to them and is doing a lot. Hogg didn’t want to hear any of it. It’s all insufficient to Hogg [only when they are Republicans].

“In reality, these laws have more holes than Swiss cheese,” he claimed with his usual demagoguery. He isn’t about facts or logic, just vicious appeals to the emotions and hate of others.

This know-nothing David Hogg paints Marco Rubio as being in the pocket of the NRA over a $5,000 donation. But it was Rubio who had the guts to go to the CNN townhall to be abused and insulted in the end.

Watters Put Hogg In His Place Tuesday

Jesse Watters blasted Hogg. It was a pleasure to see. If this 17-year old wants to put himself out there and savage innocent people, then he is fair game.

Watters called him a “bomb thrower” and explained that he was poisoning the well.

“This guy makes people think, ‘You’re coming for my guns,’” Watters said.

Tucker Called Out the Vulgar Hogg on Friday. Hogg Called NRA Members “Sick F***s” Who Want to “Murder Children”  

Why is David Hogg allowed to demagogue the issue without ever being called to question? Some are finally asking the question and trying to make him answerable.

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