People Go Bonkers Because Rush Says Media Drives Up Hysteria Over Hurricanes


Media Matters for America, America’s ‘watchdog’ over all things right-wing went berserk over innocent comments made by Rush Limbaugh on his show yesterday. They even doubled down Wednesday.

Media Matters accused Limbaugh of promoting “fringe theory about hurricane forecasts”.

What Rush Limbaugh actually said iseverything has been politicized and the media becomes hysterical over hurricanes. He didn’t deny that Hurricane Irma wasn’t a terrible hurricane nor did he say he was forecasting weather. He carefully told people to check the forecasts.

Social media went wild anyway over his alleged ‘hurricane denial” that never was.

NBC News said Rush’s “dismissal of Hurricane Irma riles forecasters.” Al Roker, whom he calls Al Joker, tweeted superciliously:

Paul Krugman accused Rush of being one of the “crazy people” and Kurt Eichenwald, crazy himself, mocked Rush for acting like a climatologist, which Rush did not do.

Rush’s point Tuesday was that when computer models were showing Irma was going to turn north and go up the eastern seaboard, people were making a run on water in Florida because of media-driven hysteria.

There was a panicked run on bottled water thanks to the media and advertising meant to drive up fear.

Rush asked, “And what disappeared first? Water. Bottled water disappeared when, right now, the water flows drinkably through the pipes of South Florida residences.”

Rush says and he’s right, the coverage isn’t meant to provide information so much as it is to say they told us so — climate change is real and we are all going to die.

That is exactly what is going on.

Mainstream media outlets ran stories attributing Hurricane Harvey and its historic rainfall to climate change, but University of Washington atmospheric scientist Cliff Mass put the brakes on those theories in a new blog post.

According to Mass, the idea that human-caused climate change had any effect on Harvey is more than far-fetched — it’s downright not true.

“Most of the stories were not based on data or any kind of quantitative analysis, but a hand-waving argument that a warming earth will put more water vapor into the atmosphere and thus precipitation will increase,” he wrote. “[T]he results are clear: human-induced global warming played an inconsequential role in this disaster.”

He explained: “The proximate cause of the disaster is clear: the extreme rainfall was the result of a hurricane/tropical storm that pulled in huge amounts of water vapor off the Gulf of Mexico (and beyond), and which came into the Texas coast and then stalled for days. All tropical storms/hurricanes bring large amounts of rain during landfall. What was different here was the stalling and sitting over the same region for days.”

Rush was making a point that seems to have escaped Media Matters. MSM in general, and the social media denizens and in no way was he denying Hurricane Irma.

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