Government Officials Can’t Keep Derelicts Out of the WH But They Can Gossip


The Secret Service administration – to be “fair” – felt the need to get some mildly – very mildly – embarrassing information out about Rep. Jason Chaffetz. Assistant Director Edward Lowery sent an internal email throughout the Service with some potentially embarrassing information that came from a protected private file.

Jason Chaffetz
Jason Chaffetz

The information he felt was so embarrassing was that Chaffetz once applied for a job in the Secret Service and didn’t get it.

Oh, wow, can you believe it? Shocker!

Chaffetz, as House Oversight Committee chairman, is responsible for overseeing the agency. He said that he was rejected because he was too old though he couldn’t remember exactly.

The leakers are the people who get drunk while guarding the president and secretary of state and hire prostitutes from cartel honchos. They are the people who can’t keep derelicts out of the White House.

Edward Lowery
Edward Lowery

Lowery is the man who was chosen to reform the Service. That would be after he is done with his petty gossiping I suppose. Lowery lied to the Inspector General about spreading the information after violating privacy law.

The Inspector General mentioned in his highly critical report that the motto for the Service is “Worthy of trust and confidence.”

The Service needs some good leadership – and fast.

The Obama administration is not only incompetent, they are also too often incapable of hiring the right people for administrative positions. The morale in the Service is reportedly poor. It would improve remarkably if they got the right leadership and fired people who don’t do their jobs.



  1. I like coming to your site because your remarks are level-headed. I agree with your stuff regarding this. Firing people, especially government workers, is difficult. It’s hard enough to do stuff to overcome your own resistance to rejecting people. I’ve long felt people gravitate to these positions because they are never removed even when their actions are egregious.

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