Peoples’ Champion Hillary Clinton Could Pay the National Debt Single-Handedly with Her Foreign $$$


Peter Schweizer’s new book Clinton Cash will be a controversial blockbuster if nothing else. The book appears to be “meticulously documented” according to some reports, but it will be debunked whether it is true or not.

The book ties donations by foreign entities to positions Hillary took as Secretary of State.

Hillary said just last week that “We must get unaccountable money out of politics”, but she apparently didn’t mean foreign donors. We know the Clinton Foundation takes foreign cash and has no intention of stopping.

How is she going to deal with outsourcing one has to wonder.

CNN’s Carol Costello called the about-to-be-released book “real vitriol.”

The Washington Post, the NY Times and Fox News made exclusive agreements with the author of the book for early access to his opposition research on Hillary when it was offered. They said the reason is they like to do their own research. ABC refused the access.

The Hillary Clinton campaign is confused by the press making this type of agreement according to Politico.

Brian Fallon, the press secretary for the Clinton campaign, suggested the book was a partisan attack on Hillary when she is simply trying to champion the common folk.

“We always expected that while Hillary Clinton focused on helping everyday Americans get ahead, the Republicans would focus on attacks rather than ideas,” he told the On Media blog. “It appears that this book is being used to aid this coordinated attack strategy, twisting previously known facts into absurd conspiracy theories. It will not be the first work of partisan-fueled fiction about the Clintons’ record, and we know it will not be the last.”

It will be explosive but the Clintons have been involved in scandals like this before and they somehow come out of it quite well.

Media Matters already has an attack article posted, citing ten errors the author has made over the years.

However, the White House refuses to deny that Hillary did favors for Clinton Foundation donors.

There was a suspicious change of heart after Colombian oil cash came into the Foundation.

The Clintons, who take money from countries that treat women like chattel, appear to also take money from companies operating illegally.

Though claiming poverty, the Clintons made mega-millions.

— Tom Stevenson (@TomFStevenson) April 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton, aside from being poor and having ducked sniper fire in Bosnia, is just one of the common folk.


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