Peoples’ Republic of California Found a Way to Ban Handguns


Peoples’ Republic of California Supreme Court Upholds Gun Law Ordering the Impossible

California adopted a dual microstamping requirement for semi-automatic handguns as part of a 2007 package of anti-gun legislation. It was delayed until 2013 until the technology could be developed to make it happen. However, former Attorney General Kamala Harris, now a senator, announced the technology was ready, but it’s not. It’s not possible and might never be possible.

No new handgun models have been added to the California handgun roster since that time, Ammoland reports.


Microstamping, in theory, would mean all pistols sold by licensed dealers would stamp a code on ammunition casings when fired that would include data like the make and model of the pistol, plus the serial number.

That code would, in theory, allow police to connect spent casings at crime scenes to the gun that fired them, though it has never been tested in the field.

All the character representing this information would have to be imprinted in the primer of the casing by the firing pin on every round.

Not only that, but these characters would have to remain perfectly legible after thousands of rounds.

It would also mean replacing a firing pin on a given handgun would be nearly impossible.

California wants all that information stamped on two separate parts of the casing. The requirement was meant to circumvent attempts to swap out or modify a gun’s firing pin.

The NSSF and SAAMI contend that there is no expert that can be found “to show that dual placement microstamping technology can ever be developed for semi-automatic pistols.”

Obviously, California officials don’t care. When the Democrats tell you they don’t want your guns, don’t believe it.

The California Supreme Court found on June 28, 2018, that it was constitutional for the State legislature to require the impossible if that is their intent.

The ordered gun manufacturers to do their best to comply even though it is not possible. The manufacturers will just have to work on it and find a way.

Clearly, the state is preparing to ban handguns.

Police organizations support it since it would help officers determine the source of bullets found at crime scenes.

Kamala Harris wasn’t the top law enforcement officer, she was the top activist leftist posing as the top law enforcement officer in the state.

Basically, as California lets everyone in the world pour into the state and protects criminals in their sanctuary state, they also plan to disarm people.

So, who are the fascists again? Here is a hint: the state is a one-party Democrat Socialist state.

There is a federal legal challenge but the district court upheld the absurd law. It’s been in the Ninth Circuit since March 16, 2017. The Ninth Circuit is stacked with leftists. This will have to go to the Supreme Court of the United States but there is no guarantee they will hear the case.

h/t Jon Thompson

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5 years ago

This will end up going to the SCOTUS as they’re placing an undue requirement on legitimate businesses. That said; I hate Commiefornia and it’s crap like this that led me to leave for a more gun friendly state!