Peoples’ Republic of California Mandates Teaching of Historical Figures Who Might Be LGBT


The Peoples’ Republic of California has mandated for all school-aged children LGBT texts that reference alleged homosexual historical figures, but it’s all based on pure speculation and has nothing to do with their achievements.

There is no legal way for parents to opt out of the propaganda.

For all intents and purposes, California is a one-party socialist state run by Democrats and they are hardly “the party of choice”.

This is the first state to mandate such a law.

The law requires a “fair, accurate, inclusive, and respectful” treatment of homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and lesbian Americans despite the historical insignificance,” Truth Revolt and Fox News report.

The law has gone from teaching about the fair treatment of a small minority group to forcing American school children to accept and embrace the lifestyle. In fact, it’s not PC to call it a lifestyle.

The publisher of the texts Mark Jarrett claims some historical figures might be gay icons and that’s what he thinks is appropriate to put in text books.

He includes Jane Adams, Emily Dickinson, Nathaniel Hawthorne and President James Buchanan in that group although there is no evidence they were.

Their evidence for Buchanan is that he never married and a man lived with him.

Roomies of the same sex weren’t uncommon then or now. People generally didn’t live alone in those days and Jarrett’s “evidence” is meager at best.

Truth Revolt reports:

California approved the textbooks written by Jarrett, a Ph.D, to be used in the 8th grade. Students will read that legendary stagecoach driver Charlie Parkhurst “was a woman who identified as a man,” according to Fox News. They will read that George Washington’s chief of staff Baron Von Steuben “may have been gay,” and that poet Walt Whitman “was drawn to young men… but denied his same sex preferences in public.”

Critics say much of these accounts are speculation, but California rejected any publisher that didn’t mention the homosexual preferences or claims against historical figures in their textbooks. In one textbook, the state forced the publisher to add “lesbian” to describe NASA astronaut Sally Ride.

The once-factual school textbooks are now based on suppositions about peoples’ sexual tendencies when in fact it has nothing to do with their achievements and there is no proof it’s even true.

This is indoctrination, not education. What do you think?

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