Pepe the Frog is Dead! Lying Media Claims Pepe Was Hijacked by White Supremacists


Matt Matt Furie, an artist and children’s book author, created the now-infamous [infamous to the left] frog as part of his “Boy’s Club” series on MySpace in 2005. Pepe became an online meme, before being eventually adopted as a symbol by the so-called “alt-right” prior to last year’s U.S. election.

In September, Hillary Clinton identified Pepe the Frog as a racist hate symbol, and Pepe was added to the Anti-Defamation League’s database of hate symbols.

That was it! A Marxist Hillary and a Marxist organization declared it a hate symbol because no one on the right is ever allowed to have a slogan, a positive image, not even a meme that attracts people. Even the perfectly harmless slogan, MAGA, Make America Great Again, was declared racist.

The term “alt-right” was invented by the left who paint all right-wing people with the same brush of extremism. When the right embraced it, the left said the alt-right were KKK.

Everyone left of center is a white supremacist and a bigot because that’s how the left demonizes and silences the opposition.

In reality, it is the left that plays identity politics and then enslaves their followers in PC culture, high taxes, high regulations and welfare bribes which are just enough to leave people poor and unambitious.

WaPo and the guardian went full-blown crazy and condemned the symbol. to them, every conservative is KKK. Pepe is only a cartoon, not a symbol of hate.

Furie launched a hashtag campaign to “Save Pepe”, flooding the internet with “peaceful or nice” depictions of the character in a bid to shake its alleged association with white supremacy and antisemitism.

That didn’t work.

But Furie has conceded defeat, killing the character off in a one-page strip for the independent publisher Fantagraphics’ Free Comic Book Day.

It shows Pepe laid to rest in an open casket, being mourned by his fellow characters from Boy’s Club.

The rehabilitation of Pepe was always going to be a struggle,” Shaun Manning wrote in Comic Book Resources, “and it’s hard to imagine Furie taking much joy in creating new Pepe strips knowing that, whatever his own intentions, the character would read through tinted lenses.

“While it’s unlikely Pepe’s official death will stop extremists from co-opting his image, this was, perhaps, the most effective way for Furie to reclaim his character; Pepe’s soul has returned to his creator. Rest in Peace.”

Of course Pepe is not dead because he represents freedom and American sovereignty, not white supremacy.

Pepe has risen and he is now a god.

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6 years ago

Progressives and their labels.

From their coveted Planned Parenthood slaughtering the unborn to forcing Pepe’s creator to put retire the character. Political assassination.