Perfect Example of How Mike Pence Is Falsely Painted a Homophobe


Adam Best is a far-left editor of the far-left newsletter, The Left. He likes to go Twitter and spread false stories like the one included in this post which he made up out of whole cloth. Best even included a video which proves the opposite of what he is actually saying.

He accuses Mike Pence of being a homophobe without evidence. What makes him think the Vice President even knows the new Arizona senator is bisexual or cares? All he’s doing is swearing her in. He laughed, thanked her, commented that whatever she said was “very humbling”.

There was no discomfort, but Best wrote, Homophobe Mike Pence had to swear in Kyrsten Sinema, the first out bisexual Senator in history, on a law book and not a bible. He seems uncomfortable and she’s having fun with it. This is everything.

What is he talking aobut? This is one of the millions of lies that goes through the Twitter sewer.

Best responded on his own thread: Seems like some people disagree about Pence being weird. But here’s the thing — he’s ALWAYS weird. He’s weird in interviews, he was weird in that meeting with “Chuck and Nancy,” and he was weird here as well. So… 🤷‍♂️

Weird, how?

The responses were unanimous, but what in the world does Best see? He’s looking for homophobia everywhere. He probably sees it in his toes when he wakes up in the morning.

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