Perhaps Our Entertainment Industry Is More Dangerous Than Guns


J Foxx

Definition of a liberal: someone who believes in freedom as long as it is in line with their ideology.

The left wants to declare the NRA a terrorist organization. They had better declare Triple A a terrorist organization then too because cars kill a lot of people.

The pampered celebrities in the video below, many of whom walk around with armed bodyguards, want to take our gun rights away and when they say “enough is enough” and “we need a plan” they are parroting President Obama.

These are the same people who promote violence in movies and music to sell tickets and promote their own fame and fortune.

After the Newtown massacre, movie producers took the most violent scenes out of two new movie trailers, for Jack Reacher and Django Unchained. If there is nothing wrong with them, why did they take out the violent scenes?

The glorification of gun violence in movies, video games, and music is contributing to the violent culture in this country. When Hollywood and rappers say “Enough is Enough,” I certainly hope they are including themselves.

Their hypocrisy is mind-numbing.

When Wayne LaPierre gave his press conference on Friday, a horrendous video game called, “Kindergarten Killers” was playing on a screen in the background. People were outraged. Their outrage should be over the very existence of this video game.

Violent videos desensitize the young to violence. LaPierre cited the harrowing statistics. “A child growing up in America witnesses 16,000 murders and 200,000 acts of violence by the time he or she reaches the ripe old age of 18.”

The Newtown gunman played violent video games in his windowless basement continuously. To say they had no effect on him would strain credulity.

When rappers sing about being gangstas, hating cops and beating women, all while they use vile language, we have a problem. It does infect the culture but people don’t want to accept that or do anything about it.

The relationship between gang violence and what they see in the media or listen to is ignored. The glorification of gang violence in rap music is known but people do not care to accept it is problem.

The issue of putting armed police or guards in schools arose during LaPierre’s press conference and the idea has been ridiculed ever since. Why?

We put guards on planes, in shopping malls, airports, train stations but not in schools? NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, walks around with 12 bodyguards. Is Mayor Bloomberg more important than our children?

It can be done. My wife worked in a school with armed guards and their weapons were not visible. It is not that expensive and it is well worth it to keep our children safe. Guards don’t get paid lavishly and even one in a school district would send the message that schools are no longer gun-free “killing zones.”

It was not the message of guards in schools, it was the messenger.

In 2000, after Columbine, President Clinton not only had the same message, he put $120 million into federal grant programs to put “COPS in School.” At the time, people were critical that the program ignored violence in the media. Ironic, isn’t it?

We need to look beyond guns and at violence in general if we are really serious. Timothy McVeigh used fertilizer to make a bomb. He murdered 168 people and injured 800 people, some of whom were babies in a daycare. There are as many crimes committed with weapons that are not guns. McVeigh committed his crime for vengeance. Evil can find a way if it is hell bent.

Much is made of the easy accessibility of guns. Most mass killers plan their crimes and they can find the weapons they need to commit their heinous crimes. They don’t wake up one day and say, hey, there’s a gun, I think I will go out and kill several people. It doesn’t work like that. When the government power brokers can prove that they can take these guns from criminals, then they can take them from the average citizen.

I’m pretty sure that the Newtown gunman was not a card-carrying NRA member. The NRA is not the enemy.

Governor Cuomo announced on a radio show that “gun confiscation could be an option.” He said that his focus is “assault weapons” and that the laws “have more holes than swiss cheese.”

This audio clip of Governor Cuomo is worth listening to:

Cuomo is a very big government guy talking about gun confiscation. That is startling. He mentions mental illness and violence in the media but he doesn’t have a plan for those core issues.

His plan for guns and Obama’s plan for guns could include a redefinition of “assault weapons” to include all guns with more than ten shots with taxes on whatever is left.

Shortly after the Newtown tragedy, NY Rep. Jerrold Nadler said that President Obama should “exploit” the tragedy to legislate more gun control.

The Newtown tragedy is being exploited to take power from the people and put it into the hands of the government. Our government is reversing roles with the people and making this a government for the government. We are losing the concept of a government of, by and for the people.

In recent days, we are hearing more calls to change our Constitution to make it more relevant to the times. This is really a ploy to put power in the hands of a few instead of the people.

The government needs to be kept in check. Right now they see how apathetic Americans are as they have put more and more government in control of our lives. We need the NRA and the GOA to counterbalance them.

If the NRA has blood on their hands, then so does Hollywood and the corporations who make violent video games, movies, and music.

The murders in Newtown are so sickening, so horrible, and so unacceptable that we must look beyond guns into our country’s mental health issues and the violence which is glorified by the very celebrities who pontificate against it.

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